Strange goings on of the week, or Swine Flu and my school

1 10 2009

Crazy week. At least its almost finished, and finished with a bang. Its Chuseok, or the thanksgiving holdiay. A long weekend where everyone goes back to their hometowns to spend time as a family. Where the women cook and clean all day and the men drink soju and play games.

But I digress.

Last week was the start of Swine Flu in my school. It all began on Thursday, with one first grade girl being diagnosed. Friday was even more peculiar, with some sad school related news and some more swine flu. We were up to 6 confirmed flu cases, all girls and all within the same class.

Now, which of these 2 events would you consider to be most important. 6 kids (about 4% of our students) coming down with swine flu, or the funeral of somebody who most people at the school haven’t met.

Yup, the funeral wins out. The school is closed early to allow all the grieving teachers to drive to Wonju, maybe 90mins away, to attend the funeral. Swine flu? meh. All they did is call a guy in to singlehandedly spray random bits of school with a random liquid.

Now, this week. Exams. Sitting on my arse watching youtube video’s and generally being frustrated that everyone is so busy and stressed and I can’t do a think about it.

Did I mention youtube video’s? I found a new favourite. Its called “Mr Belly Man”.

Anyhow, exams are now over as of 9.55am this morning. 6 exams total, spread over 3 days, with a 4 day long weekend at the end of it. Could be much worse. Many other schools are having their exams after the long weekend to give the kids extra “study time”. Traditionally that has been my schools approach but this time round they gave the kids a break.

As of today our swine flu statistic stands at 9 diagnosed. 8 first grade kids and a single third grader. Any bets on if it will get better or worse?

I do find it a bit ironic that after travelling overseas we were subjected to a 7 day quarantine period, just in case. While now this school has 9 confirmed cases, meaning that everyone has been exposed to confirmed cases, but nothing really happens. Actually, thats not quite true. I was given a beautiful blue face mask to protect me. Its uncomfortable and hot.

Still, long weekend, into Seoul, delicious foods, some touristy things, hopefully some great pics. Should be fun.