40D is sad again

30 09 2010

It’s happened again. Back in for repairs, again.

Actually it happened a few months ago, as always in an annoying and peculiar location. In this case, on a bird sanctuary (red footed boobies) located on a tiny island 2 hours off the coast of Belize. I’d just dived the famous “Blue Hole”, was in great pain from getting my back slammed onto the deck of the boat, and we stopped for lunch on this island.

Perfect chance to get the camera out. Except ….. It didn’t work. Well, everything worked perfectly except the shutter button. A half press to focus worked 100%, but the full press, the actual take a photo push, no go. Standing in paradise on a perfect beach under coconut palms trying to figure out what was wrong. Tried the usual, change battery, reset all settings, panic, scream in frustration. All no go. Luckily after some serious pushing and trying it started working sporadically.

The next few weeks were the last of our travels, and the camera mostly worked. A drop of sensor cleaning fluid into the button helped free things up, so I managed to get through the rest of the trip, only mildly frustrated.

Back in Sydney it got worse. Internet research showed that this sticking shutter was a common canon issue. The fix is a new shutter button, a $35 part on eBay, but an absolute pain to replace.

So yesterday after being out in the city, I dropped it in for repair. $140ish and maybe 10 days. Will be great to get it back working. I’d love to upgrade but can’t justify it at the moment. Still, got my new camera related toy in the post today, so need to wait to get the camera back to test it out. Exciting.

Long post about not much, but also a test of the new word press software for iPad. Looking good.

40D of sadness is now happy.

9 11 2009

I should have updated this a week ago, but my camera is back in fine working order. Thanks to our friend, Lee, It was sent off to Canon, quoted on, repaired and delivered back to me all in the space of about 2 weeks.

Final cost? Pretty well bang on the estimate at W380,000 including shipping.

What did they do? From what I can gather they replaced the whole “mirror box”, seeming the entire guts of the camera from the shutter forwards.

Does it work? Yup, as good as, or better than ever. Everything is sparkling clean inside and if anything, it feels slightly more solid now. Mounting lenses is a slightly tighter fit, with more of a machined finish, in no way a bad thing. So far I haven’t taken many pics, but focus seems spot on, which was my biggest concern.

All up, great work from Canon Korea.

The 40D of sadness

22 10 2009

Yargh, Urgh, AAAARGH.

Maybe it was in retaliation for purchasing a small point and shoot camera the week previous, or maybe it was just irritated with 2nd grade too, but no matter the reason, my Canon 40D decided that enough was enough. Shooting in sports mode (6.5fps) the first 2 pics worked and then it jammed. The mirror inside seems to have lost one of its hinge points, and now is jammed into the body. No moving mirror, no pictures = expensive fix.


You can see the mirror in the pic. Mine seems to have jammed off center, with the top left hinge probably being broken. Result? the mirror no longer swings up when a photo is taken.

Usually when you push the shutter, the autofocus does it thing, the camera calculates the exposure, the mirror flips up and then the shutter fires. Now mines still does all of that with the exception of the mirror. So all photo’s consist of just the top 10% of the frame, where light leaks past the faulty mirror.

Never a good feeling when your expensive toy decides to break.

Still, help was on hand. As it was obviously time to send it back to Canon for some TLC I went to see my friend Lee, who runs our local photo/computer store. He helped my out greatly by calling Canon, organising it to be sent back for evaluation and a quote.

Warranty? Unfortunately no. I bought it about 18 months ago, grey market from the markets in Yongsan. Basically I saved about W400,000 by buying a Japanese domestic market body. Very much worth saving. Even so, it would be out of warranty anyway.

Well, it was sent on Friday, was inspected and quoted on Tuesday and I should get it back this week. Amazingly fast. But how much? This much :


Thats W376,000, or about AU$350. About what I expected really. They are replacing the whole mirror box, so it should come back better than new and hopefully much cleaner. This is where I’m thankful to be in Korea. I’ve heard some bad stories about Canon Australia and the long slow process of repairs. Especially repairs to overseas bought cameras.

So it should all turn out ok, except for the wonderful out of pocket $$$. Isn’t it funny how every single month something crops up to cost $300 or $400 that you were not expecting.

I’m looking forward to getting my camera back and taking more pics. It feels strange using a small point and shoot camera, its just not the same sense of taking a photo. That physical feeling that you just don’t get with an all electronic camera.