Project33, The week so far

30 06 2011

Crazy. Its all crazy. Work is crazy, house hunting is crazy, its all crazy. Even the photo for today is crazy. Crazy crazy crazy.


See, I told you. Crazy. What is it, who did it, why? No idea who did it, probably local students. Where? Woolworths Sandy Bay. What is it? I’ll leave that to your imagination.

As for the rest of the craziness…… well, its crazy.

House. Crazy stuff there too. After missing out on the first place, we engaged a housing broker to help us out. Rob. So far its been extremely positive. He shortlisted a mountain of properties down to 12 for us, we’ve seen a few before, a few new ones and maybe THE ONE. Just an old cottage, 1850’s or so. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, bells and whistles. We’ve instructed him to proceed on preparing and offer on our behalf so we shall see what comes of it. Having the broker really makes things less stressful and helps remove some of the emotional games that real estate agents like to play. He knows the game, knows the rules and knows what he’s doing. I guess its now a wait and see. Obviously we don’t want to pay silly money or even over the valuation, but he’s aiming to save us quite a bit. Fingers crossed.

So. Life. Busy. Crazy. Entertaining. Carrots and Avocado’s.

Project33, Double day catchup

7 05 2011

Whoops, 2 days, one post. Pretty lazy of me. Sorry.

Firstly the pics.

First up, Between. This is looking up between 2 of the old buildings of Salamanca, specifically the 2 separated by Kelly Steps, the 1840 steps I use daily to get to and from work. The buildings are full of art galleries, theatres, tourist shops and restaurants. Nice place to be.


Secondly, Murray St. Well, to be accurate its actually Collins st we are looking down, the cross street is Murray. Not sure why I liked this pic, I just did.

Murray St is Go

What else has been happening? Very busy few days at work, people off sick, people out doing training, people in meetings. Just plenty going on so minimal people left behind to do whatever needs doing.

We did get out to play trivia during the week. Lots of fun, but it felt like “speed trivia”, 4 questions, bonus rounds, jackpot etc all done in about 1 hour. Crazy speed. Still, we didn’t win (or get close) but Susie did get the lucky ticket prize of $50 (I believe it went on shoes).

What else has been going on? Being a govt employee there is lots of concern about job cuts in the upcoming budget, shouldn’t affect me (fingers crossed) as we are a department that seems to help actively save money while increasing services. Hobart is still divided about red awnings on that building. An election in a few areas is happening. And more I can’t think of right now.

Project33, Late for yeaterday, I was/is sick.

8 03 2011

I must apologise. Less than a week in and I miss a day. Shocking stuff really. However, I’ve been a bit sick so didn’t leave the sofa, much less the house for the day. Photography was the last thing on my mind.

So, I must make up for it with a photo, not from yesterday but from Saturday night. Another shot taken from the Spirit of Tasmania as it leaves Melbourne. I just liked how it came out, so here it is.

Docklands Sunset

So, thats yesterday made up for, that still leaves today. Feeling much better than yesterday I’ll have to venture out and see what I can find. Wish me luck.

Project33, Leaving Melbourne

5 03 2011

Back of Melbourne

Wow, a very quick flying visit to Melbourne to grab a car. Fly p firsttingin the morning, back to tas via spirit of Tasmania. Fun fun.

This is the stern, looking back over Melbourne.

Written from the back deck leaving Melbourne.

Project33, Day of cold wild weather and indoor photo’s

4 03 2011

Soooo coo old. One of those crazy wild weather days, alternating between rain, possible snow in hobart, probable snow up on the mountain and clean crisp sunshine.

As such, an indoor photo. Wondering what to take pics of while sitting at my desk. Simple, exactly whats in front of me.


Nothing exciting, but interesting to see the depth of field from a small point and shoot (Olympus uTough 8000 I believe).

Interestingly this is completely unprocessed and straight from camera, onto ipad and then to flickr, bypassing my usual photo workflow (mac running aperture). I want to play around more like this, but until I get an iphone 5 (its only a matter of time) its what I have to play with.

The weekend should bring some more interesting opportunities, tomorrow flying to Melbourne then by road (and ferry) back to Hobart.

Project33, Day2, We’re Already History

3 03 2011
We're Aready History

Changed ideas a few times today. This time around its the back wall of NextByte, their carpark. This image has teased me a few times, finally captured it.

I can see this is going to be fun but challenging. So many ideas of pics, but some will work, some will not. Taking them only on the designated day means weather, season and how I feel all play a part, especially time of day. An iPhone could make this easier, but I want to wait. The new iPad sounds so amazing I figure that if I get an iPhone 4 now I’ll just be disappointed in a few months with the release of the inevitable iPhone 5 with new super duper stuff.