Mt Field

13 02 2012

So. Long time. Very bad me. Very very bad.

Suffice to say, things are going great. We bought a house, we are working on its garden and other stuff. Work is fun and challenging, Susie has a new job, we have kittens! (pics and post later) and I’m writing a blog post. Shock horror.

Now the house stuff is starting to calm down and we feel (more) confident leaving our kittens alone, we have started to venture out to explore this amazing state we have decided to call home.

I’d heard about Mt Field national park before. It is approx 80km north west of Hobart, a good hours drive depending of traffic and bakery stops. You start by driving through the scenic town of New Norfolk, then continue through Bushy Park (home of most of the hops grown in Australia) then onwards to Mt Field.

myWPEdit Image

We paid up (actually bought the 2 year membership as it was best value, $125 for 2 years, $96 for one, or $25 a visit) and walked.

First stop, Russell Falls.

The falls were not as spectacular as normal due to lack of rain (take that Sydney), but still were much better than we imagined they would be. I was also using this as an excuse to play around photographically, so long exposure time. 5 seconds in direct midday sun thanks to a ND400 9 stop filter.

Russell Falls

Just up the path a further 10 easy minutes are the smaller but more interesting HorseShoe Falls. Same stream, but different.

Horseshoe Falls

Playing around I forgot that I was shooting long exposures so ended up this this effect from shooting up into the trees. I quite liked it.

5 second squirl

Continuing further into the national park (by car, not by foot, it IS a huge place) we encountered the mosaic moor. Named for the stunning grasses and plants carpeting the place. Very peculiar soft squishy moorland with an artificial treeline thanks to the exposed nature of the plateau its on.


Onwards to Lake Dobson. It seems to be a very popular spot for a bit of bushwalking and longer treks. Even skiing in winter when there is actually enough snow. Either way an amazingly beautiful serene place which continues the tradition of the scenery changing every 5 minutes.


Lone Tree

Would I go back? For sure. There are so many things to see, do and visit. The National Parks folk have helpfully created a list of 60 great short walks around Tasmania, so we might try to do a few more of these. Especially while the weather is so nice.

As for the blog, I want to do more. I’ve been missing it but lazy for some reason. Seems it takes a national park and a public holiday to motivate me. More public holidays please.

Roller Derby

12 06 2011

Saturday Night. What do you do thats different, fun and exciting? Lets go watch Girls beat up Girls while wearing roller-skates. Sounds like fun to me.


Actually, I’m sure there are rules to the game. Basically it involves going round the circle in 2 minute “Jams” with the chick with the star on her head trying to lap “the pack”. They score points for every opposing team member they manage to pass.

This leads to lots of pushing, hitting, slamming and pain. All exciting stuff. Why did we go? Our friend Tiarne from Launceston was taking part! We went to cheer her on and observe this new sport.

Now, a mountain of photos. A big mountain. Sorry. Enjoy.

Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby
Roller Derby

The week in Review

5 06 2011

Firstly apologies for lack of posting. Its been a hectic emotionally draining week. I’ve got some pics, but by no means one per day. Sorry. Life got in the way.

Whats been doing? Well, we put an offer in on a house. We loved the house, but it seems we missed out on it by a matter of maybe even minutes. Our offer was in, waiting on the owner of the house to drop down into Hobart to sign it. Unfortunately he had a “sheep” emergency on his farm and didn’t make it into town. More unfortunate than that, while waiting for him to sign, an interstate person put a much higher offer in, so obviously we missed out. Can’t blame the owners at all, they obviously went for the higher offer. Still, so close. The hunt continues.

What else has been doing? I had a couple of days out the office touring the state.

Screen Shot 2011-06-05 at 10.05.55 PM.png

A 6am start leaving Hobart heading up to Campbell Town and East over to St Helens. Absolutely stunning drive through the morning fog and frost. Stunningly beautiful.

Frosty Morning
Sky, Rock, Sand, Water

Bridport has an old pier, only the poles remain. This is a 30sec exposure, so we (I keep talking about we, I’m referring to myself and Mark, a work colleague) went out picky taking.

Bridport Pier

Mark just purchased a new camera, so it was a good chance to get out into this beautiful state and take some pics. i’ve now got camera envy. Still, the camera I currently have is more than good enough, I need to spend money on houses and stuff instead of cameras. No, really. Maybe. Aaargh, the 7D is so tempting. *must restraint myself*

Rock Valley

So, after spending all week running around organising stuff to buy a house, getting Mum & Dad to go massively out their way to get stuff organised, spending days in limbo stressed, all in and around being out of contact in rural tassie. Crazy week.

Still, had a big night on Friday with friends coming round for drinks and games. And we began house hunting again today.

This week? Another 3 day work trip up to the North West coast this time. Exciting.

Project33, Double day catchup

7 05 2011

Whoops, 2 days, one post. Pretty lazy of me. Sorry.

Firstly the pics.

First up, Between. This is looking up between 2 of the old buildings of Salamanca, specifically the 2 separated by Kelly Steps, the 1840 steps I use daily to get to and from work. The buildings are full of art galleries, theatres, tourist shops and restaurants. Nice place to be.


Secondly, Murray St. Well, to be accurate its actually Collins st we are looking down, the cross street is Murray. Not sure why I liked this pic, I just did.

Murray St is Go

What else has been happening? Very busy few days at work, people off sick, people out doing training, people in meetings. Just plenty going on so minimal people left behind to do whatever needs doing.

We did get out to play trivia during the week. Lots of fun, but it felt like “speed trivia”, 4 questions, bonus rounds, jackpot etc all done in about 1 hour. Crazy speed. Still, we didn’t win (or get close) but Susie did get the lucky ticket prize of $50 (I believe it went on shoes).

What else has been going on? Being a govt employee there is lots of concern about job cuts in the upcoming budget, shouldn’t affect me (fingers crossed) as we are a department that seems to help actively save money while increasing services. Hobart is still divided about red awnings on that building. An election in a few areas is happening. And more I can’t think of right now.

MONA, Museum of Old and New Art

27 03 2011

Mind = Blown.

MONA is the latest big thing to hit Hobart. It actually opened a few months back, but with the lovely peoples of CoolShite visiting Hobart, we took the opportunity to visit this new attraction.

Words cannot describe. My head hurt after a few hours, and we didn’t even get close to seeing all there is to see. This is a place that deserves a few repeat visits. It is confronting, intriguing, disturbing, enlightening. Thats it, I’m out of words. A few quick pics to show off tiny elements of it. Visit. See. Enjoy.

Black Ops, in water
Tunnel Exit
Light Pulse

Another visit is in our near future. More time, lots more pics. My head hurts.

Project33, Long hard night, long hard day.

6 03 2011

What a day. Overnight on the Spirit of Tasmania, not a great night sleep due to the swell and random music. An extremely early 5.10am wakeup call. Cold, Sun, Dawn, McDonalds, Freeway, Roadkill, History, Village etc. All words to describe the drive down from Devonport to Hobart, approx 270km.

We pulled into the small town of Ross, one of the many historic villages dotting the road down from Launceston to Hobart. This one has churches, bakery, a bridge and plenty of beautiful old buildings. If I recall correctly, it was also Tassie’s tidiest town in 2008. Beautiful place and well worth a longer revisit for further exploration.

Onwards with todays pic. Taken from the midpoint of the historic bridge, LXIX miles (69 if my education was worth its money) to Hobart via the old road. The other side of the bridge had a corresponding distance to Launceston.

LXIX Miles to Go

Still, we made it back to Hobart very tired, but intact. And with the added bonus of a car!

Edit : damn that education of mine, updated to the actual 69 miles instead of 119 I had previously mentioned. Thanks Adam for pointing that out.

Project33, Day of cold wild weather and indoor photo’s

4 03 2011

Soooo coo old. One of those crazy wild weather days, alternating between rain, possible snow in hobart, probable snow up on the mountain and clean crisp sunshine.

As such, an indoor photo. Wondering what to take pics of while sitting at my desk. Simple, exactly whats in front of me.


Nothing exciting, but interesting to see the depth of field from a small point and shoot (Olympus uTough 8000 I believe).

Interestingly this is completely unprocessed and straight from camera, onto ipad and then to flickr, bypassing my usual photo workflow (mac running aperture). I want to play around more like this, but until I get an iphone 5 (its only a matter of time) its what I have to play with.

The weekend should bring some more interesting opportunities, tomorrow flying to Melbourne then by road (and ferry) back to Hobart.

Wooden Boat Festival

13 02 2011

All kids of festivals down here. In the past few months we’ve had :
•NewYears etc

Now its time for the Wooden Boat Festival. Sounds exciting doesn’t it!

Actually, its great. The whole Hobart dock area is full of boats and people, festivities and food. Great fun.

Added to that is the fact its a long weekend, Hobart Regatta Day long weekend. Not sure yet what the regatta involves, thats tomorrow so I’ll have to wait and see.

Some pics, hopefully more tomorrow,

Wooden Boat Festival

Wooden Boat Festival

Wooden Boat Festival

Wooden Boat Festival