Wooden Boat Festival

13 02 2011

All kids of festivals down here. In the past few months we’ve had :
•NewYears etc

Now its time for the Wooden Boat Festival. Sounds exciting doesn’t it!

Actually, its great. The whole Hobart dock area is full of boats and people, festivities and food. Great fun.

Added to that is the fact its a long weekend, Hobart Regatta Day long weekend. Not sure yet what the regatta involves, thats tomorrow so I’ll have to wait and see.

Some pics, hopefully more tomorrow,

Wooden Boat Festival

Wooden Boat Festival

Wooden Boat Festival

Wooden Boat Festival

Taebaek Snow Festival. Been and Gone.

4 02 2010

Each and every year our sleepy little town of Taebaek explodes with visitors. Actually we have a few different festivals that draw the crowds, but the biggest of the lot is the annual snow festival.


This year is the 14th (or 14st if you believe the advertising) year they have run this and year year gets larger than the last.

From the 22nd until the 31st of January 2010, Taebaek strained under the thousands of tourists that were shipped in for the event. The whole town was a venue for festivities, but the major draw card was the snow sculptures and festivities in and around Taebaek-san, our famous mountain. The area is called Dangol Square after the famous guy who proclaimed the nationality of Korea from atop the mountain. There are snow carvings, food stalls, thousands of people, a stage with musicians and thousands of people just having a good time.

Taebaek Snow Festival.

Various huge snow carvings are dotted around the area, some are interactive, some just for looks. All tell a story.

Pumpkin Princess
Snow Monsters
Ddong Chim
Cinderella's Castle
Taebaek Snoju
Ice Slipper
The Little Prince

You must excuse Theresa Teacher in some of the pictures. She really gets into the occasion 🙂

Typically for Korea, the event was sponsored by Hyundai, with the sonata as their newest model.

Ice Sonata

Some of the sculptures were designed for people to fit themselves into, giving great photo-ops.

Running Man
2d snow cube?
Surprise Snow

One of the most popular attractions is the ice cafe, a cafe contained within an igloo or ice cave. They serve hot drinks, while you sit as tables made of ice. Very cold but rather unique.

The Ice Café
Ice Cold Cards

Downtown Taebaek isn’t spared the festivities either, with lights adorning the main streets and ice carvings around the Hwangji Pond area.

Lights of the Festival
Hwangji Pond Bridge
Melting Ice Rat
Ice Tiger
Ice Tiger

Unfortunately we seemed to have missed out on the snow festival parade this year. Not having a timetable of events hurt our chances at catching things. Oh well. We saw it a few years back. Not like we will be around next year.

Cherry blossoms and Green Tea

14 04 2009

After our fearless leader finished our tour of Seongyojang house, he invited us to a Green Tea ceremony down on the other side of the lake.

The drive itself was, um, unique. He appeared to have no clue as to where we were going, going into various back streets, U-turns, parking in busy roads and asking directions. Eventually we were about to get out and go our own way but he convinced us he knew where to go this time.

Eventually we arrived in a car park, full of course. We parked in between some trees and met the rest of the bunch.

The cherry blossoms were out in full force as we walked down towards the park.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

The park itself was full of families having picnics and people performing the “green tea ceremony”. We were brought to a lady who performed the ceremony for us. All volunteers.

Green Tea Ceremony

Green Tea Ceremony

While participating in the tea ceremony the horde of local kids spotted us and decided to communicate on paper by writing us notes.

Crazy Kids

I was also interviewed twice by TV camera’s but I’m not sure if I’ll make it onto the tube. I’ll have to wait and see if I get spotted 🙂

Following the tea ceremony we were taken to make traditional Korean candy. Basically taking a paste and forming it into a candy shape, pretty easy really. Just avoid the pine tree pollen one (bright yellow).

Making Korean Candy

Candy Adjummas

Following what felt like an hour of photos with various people, we managed to leave and grab some lunch. A very late lunch. Luck I doubled up on breakfast.

We had fresh Sundubu, or tofu soup. In Gangneung its made with seawater and is supposed to taste much better, a bit of a local speciality. We also had JongSik with the Sundubu, JongSik being the mixed extras you get with this kind of meal.


Sundubu and Jongsik

And where would we have been without our fearless leader, who’s name I don’t think I ever knew.

Our Fearless Leader