40D is sad again

30 09 2010

It’s happened again. Back in for repairs, again.

Actually it happened a few months ago, as always in an annoying and peculiar location. In this case, on a bird sanctuary (red footed boobies) located on a tiny island 2 hours off the coast of Belize. I’d just dived the famous “Blue Hole”, was in great pain from getting my back slammed onto the deck of the boat, and we stopped for lunch on this island.

Perfect chance to get the camera out. Except ….. It didn’t work. Well, everything worked perfectly except the shutter button. A half press to focus worked 100%, but the full press, the actual take a photo push, no go. Standing in paradise on a perfect beach under coconut palms trying to figure out what was wrong. Tried the usual, change battery, reset all settings, panic, scream in frustration. All no go. Luckily after some serious pushing and trying it started working sporadically.

The next few weeks were the last of our travels, and the camera mostly worked. A drop of sensor cleaning fluid into the button helped free things up, so I managed to get through the rest of the trip, only mildly frustrated.

Back in Sydney it got worse. Internet research showed that this sticking shutter was a common canon issue. The fix is a new shutter button, a $35 part on eBay, but an absolute pain to replace.

So yesterday after being out in the city, I dropped it in for repair. $140ish and maybe 10 days. Will be great to get it back working. I’d love to upgrade but can’t justify it at the moment. Still, got my new camera related toy in the post today, so need to wait to get the camera back to test it out. Exciting.

Long post about not much, but also a test of the new word press software for iPad. Looking good.

New toy, like sunglasses for your camera

7 07 2009

I read a few weeks ago about using ultra dark camera filters in order to do daylight long exposures. Well, i’ve been thinking about it for a while and decided to splurge. So, here it is.


Yup, a Hoya ND400 filter. 9 full stops of light killing power. This thing is dark. Should be a bit of fun to play around with.


Hoya say that :

Photographing solar eclipses and ultra-bright light sources can be extremely dangerous. This filter reduces light values by 9 stops to less than 1/500th of its original intensity and allows safe photography. It can also be used to achieve super slow shutter speeds in daylight to render moving subjects invisible.

Lets hope the sun comes out tomorrow so I can blot it out with this beastie.