Penis Park, Part2

3 04 2011

Thanks to the popularity of my previous post about Penis Park, here are some more pics. The story is on my previous post, if you haven’t seen that, go read

Peculiar Place of Korea : Penis Park

What more can I say. If you ever find yourself in Korea, make the effort, get the bus or train, do the travel and visit. Its one of those unique places in the world that you’ll never forget. Its also a beautiful part of the world and well worth a visit, even without this place.

Go, visit. Enjoy.

Chest High


Bad Teeth, Big ...

Phallic Zodiac

He Forgot Something

Not to Scale

Feminine Penis

Happy Happy


Sprouting Out

Triptych plus One

Spanish Friends and their discovery

3 04 2011

Unbelievable. Actually, thats not strong enough. Lets try that again.


Thats better.

Seems the fine folk of Spain have discovered my blog, well, one page of it at least. Specifically my blog post about Penis Park in Samcheok, Korea.

Peculiar Place of Korea : Penis Park

What did they do?

PenisPark Traffic.png

Thats hits per day. Usually around 25 is normal. I got over 8000 after being translated into Spanish and posted on a site called meneame. The comments some have left me, after translating by google, are great. A selection :

Korea’s secret weapon: the gun cock …

Korea is the country with the size of the world’s smallest penis. that irony

another example of the proverb is no coincidence: “Tell me what you brag about …”

this type of news is what you need after a shitty day, reading news of wars, crises and petty politicians, I’ve got a few laughs with photos of the park and the comments above are great jajajja
I go to sleep with a smile

reminds me of that novel that he wrote Mr. Garrison on South Park. “It was like a forest of penises.”

I’ve photographed without my consent!

and my favourite

It looks like a Seville nightclub at 5 am, all full of turnips.

Stay tuned, by popular demand a few more pics will get posted soon.