The Squid of Samcheok

20 09 2012

Lazy again. So bad. And I’ve had so much going on. Oh well. Another attempt to at least post regularly.

For no reason really I’ve been missing Korea lately. A few house related drama’s here as well as change of jobs has me maybe missing the more simplified existence that was living in Korea. Simplified but oh so great. Even 30 months after leaving I still miss the place (and my students) daily.

So, photos from Korea. This time around it’s from a beach around Samcheok, Gangwon-Do. This was approx 1 hour drive from Taebaek but a stunning beach.

Screen Shot 2012-09-20 at 9.15.39 PM.png

Depending on time of year, you can encounter squid drying in the sun. They are caught at night on one of the many squid boats and then hung up to dry. The pictures speak a thousand words, so please enjoy.

The Squid of Samcheok
The Squid Wench
The Squid of Samcheok
The Squid of Samcheok
The Squid of Samcheok
The Squid Lady
The Squid of Samcheok
The Squid of Samcheok
The Squid of Samcheok

The squids themselves are delicious. My favourite way to eat them is lightly grilled and served with ice cold beer. It makes the perfect bar snack.

Just looking at these pics again brings back so many happy memories. Such a magical country.

Death of a Video Game

9 06 2009

What do you get when you have a bunch of drunk people on a beach at night?

A big fire.

What happens when these people discover a video game cabinet close by?

An even bigger fire. And sadness in the hearts of retro gamers the world over.

Awaiting its fate

It all started so innocently. A birthday party held on the beach, with grand plans of bonfires, dancing and good times.

The arcade cabinet was sourced, readied and unceremoniously dumped into the flames. Within minutes it was consumed.

Death of a Video Game

Video Arcade Cabinet, comsumed by fire

Soon all that was left was a pile of burning scrap.

The burning remains

Strangely it wasn’t long after that when the army turned up. Apparently the beaches are supposed to be under lockdown after nightfall. Something to do with North Koreans invading.

Korean army party poopers

2 scared looking soldiers rocked up and was communicated to us, non-verbally, that we couldn’t continue. Oh well. What a night.

Just a real shame to see a decent condition cabinet burned just for fun. I know what these are worth to some people, but meh, the flames must be fed, the gods sated, and the army called.

Jeongdonjin School Trip

18 05 2009

May. The strange month where so many things happen. Exams, sports days, teachers day, school trips, parents day and birthdays.

Every year I’ve gone on one of the school trips, and through whatever quirk of fate I’ve gone with the same bunch of students every time. In 2007 it was to Jeongdonjin with 1st and 3rd grade (it rained). 2008 was Seoul and Everland with 2nd grade. This year, 2009, was Jeongdonjin again, with 3rd grade.

We departed Taebaek Tongri Station around 10.45 am

From Jeongdonjin Picnic Day

2 hours on the train later we arrived in Jeongdonjin, a beach side town. Strangely the station is right on the beach, as in tracks, platform, fence, beach.

From Jeongdonjin Picnic Day

First order of the day was lunch, and what better to have beside the beach than raw fish. I went with Hue Dop Bap, or raw fish on rice with some assorted vege’s and sauce. Delicious. Of course drinks were had as is traditional on a school outing.

From Jeongdonjin Picnic Day

Following lunch, time for games on the beach.

From Jeongdonjin Picnic Day

Including trying to blow postits off your face without using your hands

From Jeongdonjin Picnic Day

Passing onion rings from person to person using toothpicks in your mouth

From Jeongdonjin Picnic Day

Relay races of 2 people trying to run holding a balloon between their heads

From Jeongdonjin Picnic Day

A game involving putting electrical tape on your friends face (I don’t understand this one)

From Jeongdonjin Picnic Day

And what beach fun can be without a “splits” competition in the sand

From Jeongdonjin Picnic Day

Somewhere along the way the boys managed to adopt a dog. They even name it Taebong and it stuck with us for many hours, eventually being denied entry onto the train (It did get onto the platform however).

From Jeongdonjin Picnic Day

Of course, the obligatory Korean style group shot to prove we have been there

From Jeongdonjin Picnic Day

And then back onto the train (minus Taebong) to head back to Taebaek.

More on the train later, but suffice to say it had Noraybang, PCbang, a cafe and a massage chair 🙂