MONA, Museum of Old and New Art

27 03 2011

Mind = Blown.

MONA is the latest big thing to hit Hobart. It actually opened a few months back, but with the lovely peoples of CoolShite visiting Hobart, we took the opportunity to visit this new attraction.

Words cannot describe. My head hurt after a few hours, and we didn’t even get close to seeing all there is to see. This is a place that deserves a few repeat visits. It is confronting, intriguing, disturbing, enlightening. Thats it, I’m out of words. A few quick pics to show off tiny elements of it. Visit. See. Enjoy.

Black Ops, in water
Tunnel Exit
Light Pulse

Another visit is in our near future. More time, lots more pics. My head hurts.

Wooden Boat Festival

13 02 2011

All kids of festivals down here. In the past few months we’ve had :
•NewYears etc

Now its time for the Wooden Boat Festival. Sounds exciting doesn’t it!

Actually, its great. The whole Hobart dock area is full of boats and people, festivities and food. Great fun.

Added to that is the fact its a long weekend, Hobart Regatta Day long weekend. Not sure yet what the regatta involves, thats tomorrow so I’ll have to wait and see.

Some pics, hopefully more tomorrow,

Wooden Boat Festival

Wooden Boat Festival

Wooden Boat Festival

Wooden Boat Festival

2010, a year in review

4 01 2011

2010 might possibly have been the most unusual year I could have imagined. From living on different continents, travelling through many countries, working, not working, we’ve done it all.

We started 2010 in Sydney, but living in Korea.

We then flew to China to continue our vactations.

Back to Korea for a few weeks, finishing everything up, packing, shipping stuff around the world and saying goodbyes. Sad time.

Leaving Korea for the last time, our adventure awaited.

visited 23 states (10.2%)
Create your own visited map of The World

Thats a list of the counties visited from leaving Korea to returning to Australia. We worked ourselves continually west, mostly overland, but with a few flights as required by time or distance.

I’ll try to pull together a better map with arrows, but basically we did :

Korea, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy, France, Andorra, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Spain, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, USA and at long last, Australia.

A good start on the world.

Returning to Aus, we lived and worked in Sydney for a few months while the parents were off exploring the country, but ultimatly have ended up in the land of the

Thats right, Tasmania. Hobart specifically.

We had visited a few times, visiting our good friends at

We liked it and decided to make a go of living here. The cool weather and clean everything helped.

Of course, we didn’t have jobs lined up when we arrived. We had both put a few applications in but its hard to apply and be taken seriously from out of state. But, after being here a few weeks, some interviews happened and I landed a great job at the State Library of Tasmania in the Systems Development and Support department.

Since then, we visited Sydney for xmas 2010, returned back to Tas in time for the Taste Festival and New Years Eve, and now its 2011.

I worked it out, and I think I was working for only about 10 weeks of 2010. Some of that was intentional, some unwanted, some optimistic. However, the travel was AMAZING. So many amazing things, places, people, foods and experiences. Hard to beat. Its so sad that so many people talk about doing something but never take the plunge and do it. 3.5 years in Korea and I don’t regret any of it.

So much happening, long overdue, oops, sorry

21 07 2010

Its been so long. I’ve done so much. I’ve been so many places, seen so much, experienced oodles and had no time, internet connection or motivation to update my blog. Not good.

Put simply, last post was 17th April, its now 21st July. Thats quite a few months in which I’ve been very very busy. April was France, specifically a town called Morgat just next door to Mont St Michel. Since then, we drove across france to drop out car at Orly airport in Paris, spent a few days in Paris, 10 days in the UK staying with my Aunt and Uncle (thank you sooooo much) and more.

We booked an intrepid tour through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala covering most of June, travelled to Mexico city via Dublin and Madrid (Airport only for 7 hours) and spent 32 days seeing the best of Central America.

Arriving back in Australia on the 6th of July looking forward to a few days getting organized and reacquainted with the world, we ended up getting work starting on the 8th. Fantastic but very unexpectedly fast.

Fun fun fun.

Still, Can’t complain. Now all I need is a new computer (many $$$) and a pile of time to sort through, process and post some of the amazing pics I’ve got sitting on my hard disk.

Yes, I’ve been lazy. Sorry.

28 01 2010

Wow, what a month. Its been busy, crazily busy actually.

And yes, I’ve been lax in writing. Sorry. My bad.

Why have I been busy? Simple. Vacation. Woot!!!

Lets do this chronologically.

December 24th. Teaching at school. Luckily they let us go an hour early so we could jump the bus from Taebaek to Incheon Airport. Of course, being the day before xmas the roads were crazy. What is usually a 4 and a half hour bus trip turned into 6 hours, but thats why we usually travel the day before flying. Our wonderful hotel managed to screw up our bookings so we ended up staying at a much more expensive (and nice) hotel next to the airport.

December 25th. Christmas. Didn’t feel like it. Checked in, had coffee, jumped our plane to Beijing. 6 hours layover in Beijing? Check. 6 hours of boredom in Beijing airport? Check. Beijing airport is huge, empty and extremely disappointing? Check. We actually wanted to have some decent food, being xmas and all, and were prepared with a large wad of Chinese cash. Could we spend it? Nope. Ended up eating in a crappy takeaway style restaurant that was reminiscent of bad australian food court chinese. Not Ideal. Still, onward onto the next leg of the trip, Beijing to Sydney. The flight was pretty uneventful, so not much to say.

December 26th – January 10th. Australia. Sure it was 2 weeks, but it didn’t feel like it. Lots of stuff to do, people to see, things to eat, places to visit.

Susie and Mike Silhouette

We visited Susie’s Mum in Wodonga (6 hours from Sydney), Susie’s Sis in Ulladulla (3 hours from Sydney), people all over Sydney and around. We had birthday parties, christmas parties, New Years parties. You name it, we did it.

Light after the storm

Still, 2 weeks was not long enough and far too long at the same time. Its difficult. Its not really a vacation as its kinda home, but its not home as we are visitors. Very awkward, but fun.

January 10th – January 16th. Beijing. The real vacation within the vacation. No commitments, no family or friends to visit, no guilt. What did we do? Well, 3 days was a “tour” with Fernando the guide, and Mr Grumpy the driver. 3 day tour is what we paid for, however the grumpy driver, in a fit of grumpiness decided that 2 days was all we would get. Something to do with us not spending money in the enforced shopping spots, meaning he didn’t get his kickbacks. Meh, we were up front about it from the beginning, no shopping. Still, Beijing is great. Big, big and enormous. I think we covered most of the usual sights.

The Forbidden City

Inside the Forbidden City

Olympic Sights

The Birds Nest

Kool stuff in and around town and much much more.

National Theater of Beijing

Yes, even Jeombagee came along for a vacation.

Snow Leopard

Back in Korea, after the coldest bus ride ever (no heating on our bus) we managed to arrive back in Taebaek.

Susie’s Dad and Brother beat us to Korea by over a week and they met up with us a few days later.

Susie and her Brother

Lots of doing the things of Taebaek and around. We had our snow festival (still ongoing) so there is plenty going on.

Mike and Ron left a few days ago, now back safe in Aus. Us? I’ve got over my cold, Susie’s come down with her own.

We drove down to Daegu (3 hours) just to go to the movies. Sherlock Holmes is brilliant.

Now? I’m drooling over the iPad,


and cleaning up in preparation of rebuilding my laptop (again).

Still, big things are afoot, plans are being made, Jeombagee is getting excited.

More to come soon. Really. I promise. For real this time. Truly. I mean it. I think. I hope. Fun fun fun.