Abandoned Amusement Park of Naksan

5 06 2009

Korea is full of strange wonderful places, and the beachfront at Naksan, near Yangyang is no exception.

Sandwiched between the 1980’s special that is Freya Condo, and the beach is what was once an amausement park / fairground. Unfortunately it appears to have been completely abandoned for at least 10 years, just left to gracefully rot away.

Naksan Pirate Ship

More impressive is how intact everything still is. No vandalism, hardly any graffiti. Still intact windows and equipment lying around. This kind of this certainly couldn’t happen in Australia or the US. There would be more damaged caused overnight than has happened here since closing.

As a result its an amazingly creepy place to visit. Even during daylight it is a bit scary.

Hurricane of Death

Spin me right round

It has the feel that it just closed as normal one night and that was it. Never to reopen. Everything left behind, ready to be turned on in the morning.

Stop!!! Push the Red Button

Flick the green one

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This isn’t the only one if its kind either. Dotted all over the coast are these dated beach resorts. Well worth a visit, just not for the fun of a pirate ship and some fairy floss.