Project33, Cleanup

31 05 2011
Cleanup by BaboMike
Cleanup a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

What an unbelievabubbly odd day. Nothing quite like it really. Big news is of course putting an offer in on a house. Such a hard thing to get your head around, but we’ll see. Fingers crossed.

More to come soon on hte house front, maybe not for a day or 2 thou. I’m off travelling the state tomorrow for 2 days. Up to St Helens and then on to Scottsdale and up into Launceston. Big long day. Excited to see parts of this state thou.

Project33, Autumn Silhouette

29 05 2011
Autumn Silhouette by BaboMike
Autumn Silhouette a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Its been a strange week, with possibly a stranger few weeks to come. Many many things going on both work and home. Crazy almost.

Still, its exciting, its emotional, its stressful. Its life.

Lets see,we’ve been house hunting. Found one we really love. We think its putting a tick in each and every box we want, as well as a few boxes we hadn’t thought of. Like anything there are a few compromises. Nothing huge or seen as a deal breaker. Its a few minutes further out of town than we initially looked at, but only a few. There are some trucks that go past, both for the brewery and the tip, but you don’t really hear them (or see them). Who knows…..

Week coming ahead? Well, a big library systems upgrade happened this weekend so fingers crossed all went ok with that. On monday we cease being a library and change branding and become a “LINC”. Not sure what it means but its the new brand, complete with fancy new logo’s and nametags. Should be a few things happening related to that going on. I’m starting my roadtrip tour of the state on Wednesday. Going to be a crazy week.

The picture is taken from the road outside another house we looked at, this one in Dynnunre (however its spelt). Just a tree with nice light.

Project33, Soy Sauce Table

25 05 2011
Soy Sauce Table by BaboMike
Soy Sauce Table a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Ah, Dumpling World, how I love thee. A cheap and fantabulous dinner right in the heart of the city. Todays piccy of the day isn’t my fault. No, really, it was like that when we got there. Its actually soy sauce that someone else spilt and went under their plate, hence the circle. Still, it was cleaned within seconds, can’t fault them there.

As for us, I think confused and emotional is kind of how to describe it. I’m discovering the entertainment and emotional pain that is house hunting. Its a huge investment and it just feels like everyone wants to take us for a ride. So many people get involved, all with their own games. Really thats what it is, just a big game. And if feels like we don’t know the rules. Still, we are in a good position, and we are learning heaps.

Next week should be an interesting one, I start what is quickly becoming known around the office as “The Mike and Mark Roadshow”. Basically Mark and I are travelling to many of the major library (LINC as of Monday) sites installing some printers and training people up on using a video conf software package called Communicator. Its Microsofts version of Skype for corporates. Well, since Microsoft just bought skype, who knows were things will go. Still, it means over the next few weeks we have a lot of travelling to do. Next week is just a 2 day trip to St Helens and another place I can’t remember right now. Will be nice to get out and see some of the country.

Project33, SDOWG

24 05 2011
SDOWG by BaboMike
SDOWG a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Well, the rain has hit. The morning looked so promising. Warm, sunny and full of promise. Well, other than it being Monday morning, it was a fine morning.

Mountain of stuff on the plate at the moment. Work is busy. Thing is, we are busy. I’ve got a few projects going on right now as well as my normal duties.

Outside of work is getting busy too. We are house hunting, so that means banks, real estate agents and lots of thinking. Add to that our landlord is doing an inspection on Thursday. aargh.

So, the picture. This is the back of a govt facility thats covered in graffiti. I’m told that every month or 2 they attempt to paint over it, but the graffiti just comes on back. Personally if it were all good images like the skull or giraffe, I say leave it. Still, I see their point, but its a war that cannot be won.

Dr Plaister Aquatic House Foyer

22 05 2011

Via Flickr:
The abandoned swimming center in downtown Hobart. Yesterday doors locked and padlocked, today ripped open.…

Strangely we first saw this building yesterday. Never quite been to that part of the city before, but we saw a house yesterday right opposite. However yesterday the gates were closed and padlocked. Today wide open. This image is actually shot through a broken window in the door.

Now, why were we out walking in a part of Hobart we don’t usually walk? Well, we found a house we like, actually really very much like, and decided to see how walkable it would be to our jobs in the city. It turns out there are 2 different ways to do the walk, one beautiful through bush, parks and along a rivulet (approx 35 mins), the other down the street (approx 30 mins). Is this too far or long ? Thats a big question. Where we are now is about 20 minutes, so its not all that much further. On the walk up the road home, we pass a few corner stores, a gourmet supermarket, a bottle’o, a hospital, 2 different doctors, and quite a few cafe’s. Its an easy walk, but is 30/35 mins too much?

Argh, its complex, its confusing, and so hard to know what to do…..

Project33, No Hands

22 05 2011
No Hands by BaboMike
No Hands a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Saturday. Busy day. Lots going on, plans in motion, thinking to be done, and a crazy man.

Lets start with the crazy man. Actually, probably not so crazy, but amusing. Mr Inflammable, a street performer doing his act down at Salamanca while the markets are going on. He seems to enjoy fire, knives, chainsaws and scaring random passers by. This is his finalé, the 7ft high unicycle while juggling 2 fire clubs and a knife. Crazy.

In other news, house hunting. Lots of it. Saw quite a few different places today. Some we inspected, some just drove past. Some nice, some amazing, some scary. The usual. One in particular we both liked, it seems to tick all the right boxes and just felt nice. A perfect sunny day helps of course. But it did feel “right”. We shall see.

Project33, Battery Point 1833

18 05 2011
Battery Point 1833 by BaboMike
Battery Point 1833 a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Yesterday was the crazy busy day, today was the fuzzy head day. Just couldn’t get started properly at work, every 5 minutes another phone call, meeting or email requiring urgent attention. Still, got a few things done but not any of the biggies. Tomorrow perhaps.