Project33, Battery Point 1833

18 05 2011
Battery Point 1833 by BaboMike
Battery Point 1833 a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Yesterday was the crazy busy day, today was the fuzzy head day. Just couldn’t get started properly at work, every 5 minutes another phone call, meeting or email requiring urgent attention. Still, got a few things done but not any of the biggies. Tomorrow perhaps.

Project33, Jeombagee Sized Latte

17 05 2011
Jeombagee Sized Latte by BaboMike
Jeombagee Sized Latte a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Wow, probably the busiest day at work in a long time. Actually, probably the busiest day in this job. And I didn’t even get much done, just lots of learning and trying to make things work. No winning yet.

Did manage to duck out and grab a coffee at the favourite cafe, Villino. Best coffee in Australia, without a doubt. Big call, but brilliant coffee.

As you can see, I gave Jeombagee an outing, he’s been stuck indoors for too long. The beverage? A picolo latte, as recommended by the baristii (baristas?) Basically a machiatto but done as a latte. Fantabulous and the perfect solution to the 3.30pm yawnies I was experiencing.

Hit up the casino tonight. No gambling, but trivia. Never seen a trivia comp with 40 questions, bonus rounds, guess the faces and a jackpot round all be complete in under 60 minutes. Speed trivial. Didn’t win but did have some fun.

More of the same for tomorrow, lots of banking head against walls for the smallest step forwards, but I AM getting there (I hope). Other than that, its back to warm again after the weekends snow. Crazy weather. Bring back the snow.

Project33, Squiggly Light Tree

15 05 2011
Squiggly Light Tree by BaboMike
Squiggly Light Tree a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Didn’t really get around to a photo during the day today. Lots of cooking, cleaning, more cooking, and eating. Pretty decent day all around. Starting out at the Farmers Markets, lots of sausages, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and the yummiest of ginger beers. Hard to go wrong with that market. Its not a tourist place, but tourists do find it. The stallholders are less stressed, more friendly, more generous and have more time to chat than happens in the Salamanca markets.

We are getting to know the good places for various things here in Hobart. Where the good coffee is, the best meat, the amazing deli goods, freshest fruits and veg, herbs, ginger beers, ales, the works. Still, we keep discovering more. Also nice that the people are friendly and willing to chat about what they do.

A big week ahead. Couple of major things happening tomorrow morning, then, with a few people back in the office after vacations, catchup time. Also need to try to get to see some banks about the possibility of borrowing $$$ for housing purposes. Exciting.

But todays pic. It’s of the trees down in Salamanca place blowing around in the wind. Really didn’t expect the results I got, so hard to tell on the small camera screen. I just love how the squiggles turned out. Very unusual.

Project33, SNOW!!!!

14 05 2011
Steaming Road by BaboMike
Steaming Road a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

What a nice surprise! Snow! In May! Amazing.

We woke up a bit late, headed out to grab some lunch and glanced up at the mountain. Covered in clouds, a white dusting of snow peeking through. What does this mean? Up the mountain time to go play in the snow.

A good few inches had fallen overnight, but unfortunately the road to the very top had been closed due to ice, we could only get as far as the huts halfway up.

First Snow

Snow, stone huts, open wood fire, snowmen, tourists glimpsing their first look at snow ever, all part of a Hobart weekend.

Project33, Dark Apple Ale

9 05 2011
Dark Apple Ale by BaboMike
Dark Apple Ale a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Well, it was a test. Not the best photo I’ve ever taken. Yes it’s sharp and well exposed, but I could do more with the composition. It was just a test after all.

Pouring a beer you really only get one shot at it. More photo’s require more beers. And more beers = worse photo’s. Another day perhaps.

Have you ever had that day at work where you have a long list of big important things to do, but never get more than about 5 minutes alone to even start on anything? That was today. Little thing after little thing kept on coming up. Most of them not quite in my job description, but certainly within my realms of interest. Lots and lots of learning, some frustration, some confusion, some head banging on the desk and a few too many delicious aeropress coffee’s. And more of the same tomorrow I suspect. Oh well. I’m enjoying it, time is flying and I get paid. Can’t complain.

As for the pic. There is this extremely small producer of amazing real ale’s we discovered at the taste festival this year. TwoMetreTall. Unbelievably good ales, and this amazing dark ale with apple added into the mix. They seem to do everything to the best imaginable quality level, no taking the easy route. We just found the only pub selling it on tap (well, hand pump actually) and its just 3 mins walk from home. Awesome. Makes a great pint 🙂

Project33, Derwent Sunset

7 05 2011
Derwent Sunset

Not even thinking of taking pics this afternoon, but lucky I had the camera with me.

We’d just been to woolies to grab some supplies, and driving home saw a turnoff to a lookout. That lookout was good, but trying to find out way back to the main road, we got down to the waters edge and found this view, looking back up the Derwent.

If you havent already, please click on this image and view it full size. It’s pretty big but worth looking at.

Project33, Double day catchup

7 05 2011

Whoops, 2 days, one post. Pretty lazy of me. Sorry.

Firstly the pics.

First up, Between. This is looking up between 2 of the old buildings of Salamanca, specifically the 2 separated by Kelly Steps, the 1840 steps I use daily to get to and from work. The buildings are full of art galleries, theatres, tourist shops and restaurants. Nice place to be.


Secondly, Murray St. Well, to be accurate its actually Collins st we are looking down, the cross street is Murray. Not sure why I liked this pic, I just did.

Murray St is Go

What else has been happening? Very busy few days at work, people off sick, people out doing training, people in meetings. Just plenty going on so minimal people left behind to do whatever needs doing.

We did get out to play trivia during the week. Lots of fun, but it felt like “speed trivia”, 4 questions, bonus rounds, jackpot etc all done in about 1 hour. Crazy speed. Still, we didn’t win (or get close) but Susie did get the lucky ticket prize of $50 (I believe it went on shoes).

What else has been going on? Being a govt employee there is lots of concern about job cuts in the upcoming budget, shouldn’t affect me (fingers crossed) as we are a department that seems to help actively save money while increasing services. Hobart is still divided about red awnings on that building. An election in a few areas is happening. And more I can’t think of right now.

Project33, Noseless Fashion

4 05 2011
Noseless Fashion by BaboMike
Noseless Fashion a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

So cold. Bitterly cold. Fingers can’t type. Wait, thats normal. Speeling worse than normal. Whats going on?

This morning was beautiful. A bit crispy in the air, clear blue skies, magic looking mountain. Then this afternoon it got black. Very black. Rain, for a bit. Then cold. The kind of cold breeze coming off snow. It was a possible for snow today up on the mountain….

Anyway, picture. A used fashion store in Hobart has this disturbing looking mannequin, somehow without a nose or top lip. Quite freaky.

Launceston, The Dark Side

3 05 2011

What a mighty fine day it was, Saturday the 30th of April. The dark side was truly with us that day. Where to begin. Where oh where. I know, a photo tells a thousand words, or so they say. Well, homework for you then. Send me a thousand words describing this picture. No really, I mean it. Here you go :

Don't Shoot

Yes, I was introduced into the world of “Trooping” with the 501st legion, Launceston. The fantabulous men and lady of CoolShite invited me to partake of their unusual hobbies and how could I possibly say no.

Surprisingly, the outfit was pretty comfortable.


I couldn’t sit due to the armour, but that was ok. It was an absolute hoot. Somehow I was the “dirty one”, a sand trooper they claim. At least I’m recognisable this way.


As you can see, quite a turn out. I had no idea how popular this hobby is, not to mention the extreme levels of detail they go to in order to be accurate. Nick, right in the middle actually makes all the costumes himself. Unbelievabubble talent.

We even had a mini-leia!


We wanted to ride the train round the park, but were not allowed to as we were unable to sit. Safety safety safety. But we were wearing armour! Surely it must be safe.

The Dark Train
Pole Dancing

Susie even got in on the action. Well she was mostly a wrangler, but did get to join in 🙂

Sookie, Squeezy and Darth.
Gimme a Kiss

Possibly the most peculiar part of the day was the custard. Not sure why a bunch of teenage girls were drinking custard in the park, but it certainly makes an amusing series of pics!

Custard of the Empire
Custard of the Empire

Of course, after a hard day of evil, you need a nice cold beer, and the best cold beer is, um, Hazards Ale.

After a hard day

Project33, Oh Hai Hama

2 05 2011
Oh Hai Hama by BaboMike
Oh Hai Hama a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

What a weekend. Well, I havent actually posted a blog post about the weekend yet. But I will. Gotta get thru some more of the pictures, process them, post the good ones, backup the lot . The usual.

Today however was a big relief. My project went live with no hitches at all. Everyone is happy, I’m happy. Its all good. No complains, no concerns, no issues, no hiccups. Very uneventful actually.

Friends came down from Launceston. Beer was had. Food was eaten. Blogging is been done as we speak.