RIP Yoshi

19 11 2012

This is something I never wished to have to do. We found our little boy, Yoshi, dead in the driveway last night.

RIP Yoshi

No real idea what happened. We went out, came back 3 hours later and found him dead. He seemed intact and didn’t look like he had suffered.


Everywhere I look I see him. His toys, his fur, his life and energy. Worse still is his sister, Nikki, really doesn’t know what is going on. They were never apart. Eat together, play together, sleep together. Now he’s gone.


Rest well my little Yoshi. You ARE missed.

Banana Noms

4 10 2012
Banana Noms by BaboMike
Banana Noms a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Monkeys and Asia. They hang out, hassle tourists and steal their food. This one stole the banana out of a tourist’s bag. Cute but be careful.

Reflections of Kuala Lumpur

21 09 2012
Reflections by BaboMike
Reflections a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Wow, over a month ago. Time flies. Anyhow, we spent 3 weeks travelling up from Singapore through Malaysia and into Thailand. Spectacular countries, amazing people and awesome food.

Here’s the famous Petronas Towers of Kuala Lumpur. You can see all the people taking exactly the same photo. I did too. However this one was different. Pointing down into the pools of water (part of the fountains out front) you can get an amazing reflection of the towers.

I’m trying to work on adding more interest to my pics, not just the object/site/building but also some of the people.

Hope you like.

Saint Bean

10 08 2011
Saint Bean by BaboMike
Saint Bean a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

No, no updates, just a photo to amuse you all.

Who do you think this looks like?

Its actually a saint from a cathedral in Antigua, Guatemala.

Another Week Gone, Another 2 to Go.

29 07 2011

Ah, another week. Its all getting closer. 12th August is our settlement date. So ready to move in. The place we live in currently while really nice is small, and now we have our own place sorted out we are both itching to move. We just want to get into the new place, learn its quirks and eccentricities and start the next chapter of life.

So, what have we been up to this past week. Well, ignoring the 3 day Migraine that has finally left me alone, not a huge amount. I do have a photo for you. Bonus double ristretto for those who can identify its location (without cheating). You must visit to claim!

Derwent Whale

What else has been going on. Last weekend we got sick of house stuff and decided to become tourists again. This time we went South. About as far South as it gets, we hit the end.

The End of the Road

Where exactly? look at the pretty map!

Hastings Cave Map.png

Why? We went to the caves and the the thermal springs. The caves themselves (Hastings Caves) were discovered by some loggers who were actually poaching timber at the time. Not the biggest cave we have visited but pretty fun all the same.

The Crazies



Susie Stalactite

We did see some other cool stuff on the trip down. This pier was a private pier, locked to us, but not to the birds.

Bird Pier

Bird Pier

Bird Pier

Also Mount Adamson which is almost like a mini Mt Fuji

Mt Adamson

And lastly some shadows.

Forrest Shadows

So, this weekend. More furniture shopping, some cleaning and organising, some seeing friends. Maybe even a movie. Really though we just want to move in and enjoy our house.

Full Steam ahead, or hurry up and wait

21 07 2011

So. It’s virtually all done. Contracts signed, papers stamped, faxes sent, everything done. Well, almost everything. Now we just have to sit back and wait. Currently we are set to settle on August 12th, meaning that we pay the money and get the keys then. So exciting.

Of course, first a picture to show you.

Mt Wellington

This is the view we have in the mornings. Snow on that there mountain. Lots of snow. Enough snow I’m told to be able to go cross country skiing. Now there’s something I want to try out one of these days.

Back to house. We’ve got plenty to get on with over the next 3 weeks. Since putting things in storage back in July 2006, we’ve probably forgotten much of what we have. That said, we know some of the big stuff we do, and don’t have. Fridge, yes. Sofa’s, yes. Bed, no. TV, no. etc etc.

So the shopping begins. We also need to get delivery organised for suitable times. Luckily, for me at least, time off isn’t a problem. I’m told that up until a couple of years ago I could have got some bonus “moving house” days off, but that perk has been scrapped. Can’t say I mind, its a pretty good place to work as it is.

Shopping. Last weekend we went bed shopping. So much choice, so many different price points, technologies, colours, firmnesses etc etc etc. We tried a few, found one we liked, then tried a different one for a laugh. Wow, magic. We bought the nice fancy one. Expensive 😦 But half price 🙂

What else, not much. Work is getting busier, my head is getting fuller. The projects are simultaneously getting clearer and fuzzier at the same time. Normal really.

Its all Happening

9 07 2011

So much going on. Life is busy, crazy, stressful and fun.

First, a photo. Think of what France means to you and what kind of image could sum up France. I came up with this from the amazing town of Le Puy-en-Velay. What could possibly be more french than a citroen 2CV against the backdrop of an ancient cathedral.


So, a week and no blogging. Bad me. Why?

We bought a house!!! Well, everything is signed and just awaiting us to dot the final i’s and cross the final t’s. Sooooo exciting.

What house. Where? Why? Who? What other questions beginning with W can I dream up?

Lets post the link so you can see yourself.

Its an 1850’s cottage which has been updated and extended a bit, on an internal block. 3 bed, 2 bath, garage, deck, garden and all everything we could want.

Rob, our property hunter found us this place. We both looked and loved it. We then let him loose to do his magic, and magic he did. An amazing deal was negotiated. No idea how he managed it, but even by his standards this is a ripper. So, with any luck, we might be moving in within about 5 weeks, fingers crossed.

Work is getting crazier too. Fun but busier. Exciting.

Fun fun fun,

Project33, Things still happening

2 07 2011

First up, some pics. 2 pics to cover the last 2 days.

Morning Sun

The sun rising in the morning as seen through the trees in Salamanca.

Teapot and Shadow

Teapot and its shadow from the Chado tea house.

So, houses. Still things in the works. Our man Rob is working hard and seems to think that things might be happening. Still, not getting the hopes up. If its going to happen it will happen. There are plenty of houses out there.

We did find a most fantastic place today. Chado, the way of tea. A food menu of maybe 8 items, but a tea menu which is maybe 10 or 15 pages long. Huge amazing collection. Food was unbelievable too, amazing japanese inspired menu, stunningly fresh and well prepared. If you come visit, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Tonite? Off to visit friends. Tomorrow? NFI.

Project33, The week so far

30 06 2011

Crazy. Its all crazy. Work is crazy, house hunting is crazy, its all crazy. Even the photo for today is crazy. Crazy crazy crazy.


See, I told you. Crazy. What is it, who did it, why? No idea who did it, probably local students. Where? Woolworths Sandy Bay. What is it? I’ll leave that to your imagination.

As for the rest of the craziness…… well, its crazy.

House. Crazy stuff there too. After missing out on the first place, we engaged a housing broker to help us out. Rob. So far its been extremely positive. He shortlisted a mountain of properties down to 12 for us, we’ve seen a few before, a few new ones and maybe THE ONE. Just an old cottage, 1850’s or so. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, bells and whistles. We’ve instructed him to proceed on preparing and offer on our behalf so we shall see what comes of it. Having the broker really makes things less stressful and helps remove some of the emotional games that real estate agents like to play. He knows the game, knows the rules and knows what he’s doing. I guess its now a wait and see. Obviously we don’t want to pay silly money or even over the valuation, but he’s aiming to save us quite a bit. Fingers crossed.

So. Life. Busy. Crazy. Entertaining. Carrots and Avocado’s.

Project33, Lights, Houses and general Stuff

22 06 2011

Photo photo photo. I admit, I’ve been struggling. Winter means short days, dark early in the evening, so less chances for photos. Still, I realise that that is not an excuse. Bad me. I’ll consider myself chastised.

Hobart Lights

If you look and squint carefully, you can make out the water and an old style sailing ship. The other lights? Really not sure. It turned out to be a long exposure photo when I wasn’t expecting one. The result just happened to be something I liked, so here it is.

So, over a week since last post. Whats been happening? Lots basically. Lot and lots. Its been bloody cold, its getting wet, its dark and its still Hobart!

We’ve had volcanic ash


Mt Wellington Sunset

Twin Suns

and the brilliant sunsets it brings.

Speaking of which, you all have 4 days left to vote for me in a national photo comp. You can vote using your Facebook login, so you don’t even need to register. No excuses. Go Vote! Ideally for the “spectator” photo.

House hunting. Well, we’ve learnt lots about real estate agents. Mostly not good things. They are pushy and manipulative and drive us crazy. Nothing new there. What is new is our new approach to the house hunting. We’ve got our own real estate agent working for us. He’s a buyers agent. Ignore the cheesy website and its My Property Hunter who we are using. Basically they do mountains of research, get to know us and what we are looking for, find places which are suitable and show us around them. Then if we like places, they do all the negotiating and bargaining on our behalf. They (he) knows the rules and how to play the game. This is where we struggle. Ideally he should save us a decent amount of $$$ as well as making sure we actually buy suited to our needs. Pretty exciting stuff. Besides, it takes the emotion out of house hunting and its the emotion that the real estate vendors count on to get the best prices.

So, more house hunting in the form of waiting for suitable properties to be emailed to us – check Susies blog for more on this front. More trivia we can’t win down at the casino, and spicy lamb rice stir fry for dinner. Yum.