Istabul, its great

29 07 2009

Well, we made it. Istanbul. City on two continents.

We’ve been here a few days so far, and have begun our Intrepid adventure. More on that later. First just some pics of Istanbul.

The Blue Mosque with cat

Istanbul's Blue Mosque

2 of Turkeys most famous things, Turkish coffee and Baklava. Both excellent and well worth making a trip to Istanbul to enjoy.

Coffee and Baclava

Another of Turkeys famous things, doner kebabs (actually chicken in this case).

Lunch, delicious.

And of course the most famous church/mosque at least in this country. One of the biggest around, currently the 4th biggest in the world, and its almost 1500 years old!

Hagia Sophia Exterior

Notice the varied artworks. Some christian which were covered up during conversion to a Mosque, and the obvious arabic writings on the round shields.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia ceiling

Hagia Sophia Interior

It all used to be lit with candles and oil lamps, now all electric of course.

Chandeliers, light and ceiling

In some cases the christian decorations and mosaics have been uncovered, after they were covered in plaster to hide them.

Recovered Cross

This is the Mimber, the equivalent of the pulpit in a christian church.

The Mimber, Hagia Sophia

On the way out are these stunning mosaics and wall paintings

Hagia Sophia ceilings

One more pic, this time of the safest street I’ve ever seen (sorry, I had to say it)

A very safe street

Total eclipse of the heart

22 07 2009

Actually a partial eclipse of the sun.

What a perfect start to a vacation. This evening we head to Seoul and on to Turkey, and this morning is a partial 85% complete eclipse. And I didn’t even know about it until yesterday.

More messing around with the camera to get these shots. Thank you very much Mr ND400 9 stop filter. Shot at ISO100, f25, 1/125sec with stacked ND400 and CPL.

Korean Eclipse

Partial Eclipse

More on Turkey when we get there 🙂

New toy, like sunglasses for your camera

7 07 2009

I read a few weeks ago about using ultra dark camera filters in order to do daylight long exposures. Well, i’ve been thinking about it for a while and decided to splurge. So, here it is.


Yup, a Hoya ND400 filter. 9 full stops of light killing power. This thing is dark. Should be a bit of fun to play around with.


Hoya say that :

Photographing solar eclipses and ultra-bright light sources can be extremely dangerous. This filter reduces light values by 9 stops to less than 1/500th of its original intensity and allows safe photography. It can also be used to achieve super slow shutter speeds in daylight to render moving subjects invisible.

Lets hope the sun comes out tomorrow so I can blot it out with this beastie.