Petronas Towers

22 09 2012

Lets dig through the processed pics and see what we find. Back to the Petronas towers it is. These things are huge. So huge you need to go up the KL tower to get the best view.

KL Tower SunSet

Strangely the Petronas towers are hard to get up. It’s a first come, first served on the tickets with only limited availability each day. Damn expensive too. The KL tower on the other hand, much cheaper, you can just rock up, and the view is spectacular.

Twin Tower Tips

Some more pics of the towers, taken from the base.

Twin Towers

Petronas Towers

And my favourite. The pic with the little girl. She didn’t seem to be posing for anybody, but just doing that thing kids do. Very cool.

Twins and One

Some more random pics of the latest trip coming soon. However they are of course on my flickr page already. See the last few pics to the right, or click the flickr link at the top of the page.