Sleep? Really? Who needs it with Emarts “No Sleep Gum”

21 09 2009

My latest discovery in the world of strange candy that E-Mart gives us. No sleep gum. Aimed to keep you awake while driving, or for students who are studying, its a wondrous glossy black colour, something gum should never be.

As part of its magic “no sleep” formula, I think contains about 2% guarana extract. I can’t find anything referring to caffeine but it might also be in there.


So, how does it taste? From looking at it you would think awful, but in fact its absolutely delicious. A really strong minty fresh hit that blows through your sinus passages, leaving you refreshed and awake. Not sure what the guarana does but I’m sure it kicks in.

If it weren’t for the fact that my kids would stick it all over the English room, I’d be tempted to give it out to them at the start of class. Something to wake them up. Anything…