Full Steam ahead, or hurry up and wait

21 07 2011

So. It’s virtually all done. Contracts signed, papers stamped, faxes sent, everything done. Well, almost everything. Now we just have to sit back and wait. Currently we are set to settle on August 12th, meaning that we pay the money and get the keys then. So exciting.

Of course, first a picture to show you.

Mt Wellington

This is the view we have in the mornings. Snow on that there mountain. Lots of snow. Enough snow I’m told to be able to go cross country skiing. Now there’s something I want to try out one of these days.

Back to house. We’ve got plenty to get on with over the next 3 weeks. Since putting things in storage back in July 2006, we’ve probably forgotten much of what we have. That said, we know some of the big stuff we do, and don’t have. Fridge, yes. Sofa’s, yes. Bed, no. TV, no. etc etc.

So the shopping begins. We also need to get delivery organised for suitable times. Luckily, for me at least, time off isn’t a problem. I’m told that up until a couple of years ago I could have got some bonus “moving house” days off, but that perk has been scrapped. Can’t say I mind, its a pretty good place to work as it is.

Shopping. Last weekend we went bed shopping. So much choice, so many different price points, technologies, colours, firmnesses etc etc etc. We tried a few, found one we liked, then tried a different one for a laugh. Wow, magic. We bought the nice fancy one. Expensive 😦 But half price 🙂

What else, not much. Work is getting busier, my head is getting fuller. The projects are simultaneously getting clearer and fuzzier at the same time. Normal really.



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22 07 2011

fantastic photo, worth the wait!

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