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22 06 2011

Photo photo photo. I admit, I’ve been struggling. Winter means short days, dark early in the evening, so less chances for photos. Still, I realise that that is not an excuse. Bad me. I’ll consider myself chastised.

Hobart Lights

If you look and squint carefully, you can make out the water and an old style sailing ship. The other lights? Really not sure. It turned out to be a long exposure photo when I wasn’t expecting one. The result just happened to be something I liked, so here it is.

So, over a week since last post. Whats been happening? Lots basically. Lot and lots. Its been bloody cold, its getting wet, its dark and its still Hobart!

We’ve had volcanic ash


Mt Wellington Sunset

Twin Suns

and the brilliant sunsets it brings.

Speaking of which, you all have 4 days left to vote for me in a national photo comp. You can vote using your Facebook login, so you don’t even need to register. No excuses. Go Vote! Ideally for the “spectator” photo.

House hunting. Well, we’ve learnt lots about real estate agents. Mostly not good things. They are pushy and manipulative and drive us crazy. Nothing new there. What is new is our new approach to the house hunting. We’ve got our own real estate agent working for us. He’s a buyers agent. Ignore the cheesy website and its My Property Hunter who we are using. Basically they do mountains of research, get to know us and what we are looking for, find places which are suitable and show us around them. Then if we like places, they do all the negotiating and bargaining on our behalf. They (he) knows the rules and how to play the game. This is where we struggle. Ideally he should save us a decent amount of $$$ as well as making sure we actually buy suited to our needs. Pretty exciting stuff. Besides, it takes the emotion out of house hunting and its the emotion that the real estate vendors count on to get the best prices.

So, more house hunting in the form of waiting for suitable properties to be emailed to us – check Susies blog for more on this front. More trivia we can’t win down at the casino, and spicy lamb rice stir fry for dinner. Yum.



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