Project33, Autumn Silhouette

29 05 2011
Autumn Silhouette by BaboMike
Autumn Silhouette a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Its been a strange week, with possibly a stranger few weeks to come. Many many things going on both work and home. Crazy almost.

Still, its exciting, its emotional, its stressful. Its life.

Lets see,we’ve been house hunting. Found one we really love. We think its putting a tick in each and every box we want, as well as a few boxes we hadn’t thought of. Like anything there are a few compromises. Nothing huge or seen as a deal breaker. Its a few minutes further out of town than we initially looked at, but only a few. There are some trucks that go past, both for the brewery and the tip, but you don’t really hear them (or see them). Who knows…..

Week coming ahead? Well, a big library systems upgrade happened this weekend so fingers crossed all went ok with that. On monday we cease being a library and change branding and become a “LINC”. Not sure what it means but its the new brand, complete with fancy new logo’s and nametags. Should be a few things happening related to that going on. I’m starting my roadtrip tour of the state on Wednesday. Going to be a crazy week.

The picture is taken from the road outside another house we looked at, this one in Dynnunre (however its spelt). Just a tree with nice light.



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