Project33, Soy Sauce Table

25 05 2011
Soy Sauce Table by BaboMike
Soy Sauce Table a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Ah, Dumpling World, how I love thee. A cheap and fantabulous dinner right in the heart of the city. Todays piccy of the day isn’t my fault. No, really, it was like that when we got there. Its actually soy sauce that someone else spilt and went under their plate, hence the circle. Still, it was cleaned within seconds, can’t fault them there.

As for us, I think confused and emotional is kind of how to describe it. I’m discovering the entertainment and emotional pain that is house hunting. Its a huge investment and it just feels like everyone wants to take us for a ride. So many people get involved, all with their own games. Really thats what it is, just a big game. And if feels like we don’t know the rules. Still, we are in a good position, and we are learning heaps.

Next week should be an interesting one, I start what is quickly becoming known around the office as “The Mike and Mark Roadshow”. Basically Mark and I are travelling to many of the major library (LINC as of Monday) sites installing some printers and training people up on using a video conf software package called Communicator. Its Microsofts version of Skype for corporates. Well, since Microsoft just bought skype, who knows were things will go. Still, it means over the next few weeks we have a lot of travelling to do. Next week is just a 2 day trip to St Helens and another place I can’t remember right now. Will be nice to get out and see some of the country.



2 responses

26 05 2011

Has Tamania achieved status as a country, or are you silly enough to still be part of the bigger picture, Australia?

26 05 2011

I think I should have referered to it as the country areas, rather than the country. As best as I can tell, Tasmania is still part of Australia.

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