Project33, SDOWG

24 05 2011
SDOWG by BaboMike
SDOWG a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Well, the rain has hit. The morning looked so promising. Warm, sunny and full of promise. Well, other than it being Monday morning, it was a fine morning.

Mountain of stuff on the plate at the moment. Work is busy. Thing is, we are busy. I’ve got a few projects going on right now as well as my normal duties.

Outside of work is getting busy too. We are house hunting, so that means banks, real estate agents and lots of thinking. Add to that our landlord is doing an inspection on Thursday. aargh.

So, the picture. This is the back of a govt facility thats covered in graffiti. I’m told that every month or 2 they attempt to paint over it, but the graffiti just comes on back. Personally if it were all good images like the skull or giraffe, I say leave it. Still, I see their point, but its a war that cannot be won.



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