Project33, No Hands

22 05 2011
No Hands by BaboMike
No Hands a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Saturday. Busy day. Lots going on, plans in motion, thinking to be done, and a crazy man.

Lets start with the crazy man. Actually, probably not so crazy, but amusing. Mr Inflammable, a street performer doing his act down at Salamanca while the markets are going on. He seems to enjoy fire, knives, chainsaws and scaring random passers by. This is his finalé, the 7ft high unicycle while juggling 2 fire clubs and a knife. Crazy.

In other news, house hunting. Lots of it. Saw quite a few different places today. Some we inspected, some just drove past. Some nice, some amazing, some scary. The usual. One in particular we both liked, it seems to tick all the right boxes and just felt nice. A perfect sunny day helps of course. But it did feel “right”. We shall see.



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22 06 2011

That’s me mr inferno 🙂

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