Project33, Squiggly Light Tree

15 05 2011
Squiggly Light Tree by BaboMike
Squiggly Light Tree a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Didn’t really get around to a photo during the day today. Lots of cooking, cleaning, more cooking, and eating. Pretty decent day all around. Starting out at the Farmers Markets, lots of sausages, potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and the yummiest of ginger beers. Hard to go wrong with that market. Its not a tourist place, but tourists do find it. The stallholders are less stressed, more friendly, more generous and have more time to chat than happens in the Salamanca markets.

We are getting to know the good places for various things here in Hobart. Where the good coffee is, the best meat, the amazing deli goods, freshest fruits and veg, herbs, ginger beers, ales, the works. Still, we keep discovering more. Also nice that the people are friendly and willing to chat about what they do.

A big week ahead. Couple of major things happening tomorrow morning, then, with a few people back in the office after vacations, catchup time. Also need to try to get to see some banks about the possibility of borrowing $$$ for housing purposes. Exciting.

But todays pic. It’s of the trees down in Salamanca place blowing around in the wind. Really didn’t expect the results I got, so hard to tell on the small camera screen. I just love how the squiggles turned out. Very unusual.



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