Project33, Dark Apple Ale

9 05 2011
Dark Apple Ale by BaboMike
Dark Apple Ale a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Well, it was a test. Not the best photo I’ve ever taken. Yes it’s sharp and well exposed, but I could do more with the composition. It was just a test after all.

Pouring a beer you really only get one shot at it. More photo’s require more beers. And more beers = worse photo’s. Another day perhaps.

Have you ever had that day at work where you have a long list of big important things to do, but never get more than about 5 minutes alone to even start on anything? That was today. Little thing after little thing kept on coming up. Most of them not quite in my job description, but certainly within my realms of interest. Lots and lots of learning, some frustration, some confusion, some head banging on the desk and a few too many delicious aeropress coffee’s. And more of the same tomorrow I suspect. Oh well. I’m enjoying it, time is flying and I get paid. Can’t complain.

As for the pic. There is this extremely small producer of amazing real ale’s we discovered at the taste festival this year. TwoMetreTall. Unbelievably good ales, and this amazing dark ale with apple added into the mix. They seem to do everything to the best imaginable quality level, no taking the easy route. We just found the only pub selling it on tap (well, hand pump actually) and its just 3 mins walk from home. Awesome. Makes a great pint 🙂



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