Project33, Double day catchup

7 05 2011

Whoops, 2 days, one post. Pretty lazy of me. Sorry.

Firstly the pics.

First up, Between. This is looking up between 2 of the old buildings of Salamanca, specifically the 2 separated by Kelly Steps, the 1840 steps I use daily to get to and from work. The buildings are full of art galleries, theatres, tourist shops and restaurants. Nice place to be.


Secondly, Murray St. Well, to be accurate its actually Collins st we are looking down, the cross street is Murray. Not sure why I liked this pic, I just did.

Murray St is Go

What else has been happening? Very busy few days at work, people off sick, people out doing training, people in meetings. Just plenty going on so minimal people left behind to do whatever needs doing.

We did get out to play trivia during the week. Lots of fun, but it felt like “speed trivia”, 4 questions, bonus rounds, jackpot etc all done in about 1 hour. Crazy speed. Still, we didn’t win (or get close) but Susie did get the lucky ticket prize of $50 (I believe it went on shoes).

What else has been going on? Being a govt employee there is lots of concern about job cuts in the upcoming budget, shouldn’t affect me (fingers crossed) as we are a department that seems to help actively save money while increasing services. Hobart is still divided about red awnings on that building. An election in a few areas is happening. And more I can’t think of right now.



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