Launceston, The Dark Side

3 05 2011

What a mighty fine day it was, Saturday the 30th of April. The dark side was truly with us that day. Where to begin. Where oh where. I know, a photo tells a thousand words, or so they say. Well, homework for you then. Send me a thousand words describing this picture. No really, I mean it. Here you go :

Don't Shoot

Yes, I was introduced into the world of “Trooping” with the 501st legion, Launceston. The fantabulous men and lady of CoolShite invited me to partake of their unusual hobbies and how could I possibly say no.

Surprisingly, the outfit was pretty comfortable.


I couldn’t sit due to the armour, but that was ok. It was an absolute hoot. Somehow I was the “dirty one”, a sand trooper they claim. At least I’m recognisable this way.


As you can see, quite a turn out. I had no idea how popular this hobby is, not to mention the extreme levels of detail they go to in order to be accurate. Nick, right in the middle actually makes all the costumes himself. Unbelievabubble talent.

We even had a mini-leia!


We wanted to ride the train round the park, but were not allowed to as we were unable to sit. Safety safety safety. But we were wearing armour! Surely it must be safe.

The Dark Train
Pole Dancing

Susie even got in on the action. Well she was mostly a wrangler, but did get to join in 🙂

Sookie, Squeezy and Darth.
Gimme a Kiss

Possibly the most peculiar part of the day was the custard. Not sure why a bunch of teenage girls were drinking custard in the park, but it certainly makes an amusing series of pics!

Custard of the Empire
Custard of the Empire

Of course, after a hard day of evil, you need a nice cold beer, and the best cold beer is, um, Hazards Ale.

After a hard day



One response

4 05 2011

Ah MIchael, now we know that all the money we spent on your education has been truly worthwhile. You have found your niche in life, A beer drinking alien impersonator.

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