Project33, Web Light

25 04 2011
Web Light by BaboMike
Web Light a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Today’s image, a teaser. Well, not quite, but it is a teaser of where we went today.

ANZAC day in Hobart, couldn’t have been better weather. Perfect blue skies, warm, not windy or wintery at all. Again! We’ve had a brilliant run of luck with the weather the past couple of weeks. I know its not usually like this, but we will take it when we can get it.

To get out and about, we headed down South. Down through Hounville, through Geeveston and on to the Tahune AirWalk, a walking path suspended high up in the treetops along the Huon river. Right, more of that later.

The pic is a simple cobweb that was just catching the light magically. I didn’t really have the right lens to do it justice, but I am happy with how it has turned out. Sorry, no sign of the spider itself. Maybe next time.

Again, apologies for the oddly timed blog posting. I had lost my password after resetting it, so had to get it all set up again. Fun fun. But it all works again so things are good.



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