Project33, Double makeup day post

22 04 2011

Oops. Busy day yesterday and lack of thinking led to no photo. Sorry. Very bad of me.

So today, 2 pics from my late night walkings of Battery Point.

First we have the famous (well, at least in Hobart) bakery, Jackman & McRoss. Nothing we’ve had there has been anything less than fabtastic, its all amazing. However it fills up real quick and stays busy all day and late into the evening. Today being Good Friday means they are closed, possibly the only time you’ll usually find the store empty as seen here. However, go round the back and its busy busy getting ready for the morning. Nothing like the yeasty smell and the aroma of hot cross buns cooking.


Then further around the corner we have a large collection of convict built cottages, one of which we live in. I just liked the reflections of the street lights in on the bricks.

Night Light Deux

Another 4 days of weekend. Can’t wait. Shame it rained for a large part of today. Oh well.



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