Project33, 5 Dollar Pumpkin

13 04 2011
5 Dollar Pumpkin by BaboMike
5 Dollar Pumpkin a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Ah, Todays post. Actually this should be yesterdays post, but I was sick, travelled a million miles (not quite but far enough), and completely forgot to take a photo. Thereby rendering the whole concept of Project33 a dud. Oops. I better try harder in the future. Not getting sick is a great start there.

Back story.

Friday last week. Flu Vaccine. Ouch. Then I got sick. Just your usual run of the mill cold. Nose, throat, headache, the usual. Nothing too bad, but enough to be miserable.

Friday that this picture should have been taken. 4.30am (yes AM) alarm. Not as painful as it sounds, I was in that fuzzy zone where you don’t feel much. Drive to Hobart airport with no traffic, park the car, into the terminal, drop off bags and thru to the gate. Virgin Blue, you guys rock.

1 Hour flight to Melbourne. Coffee and croissant then onto the 4.30 hour flight to Perth. Arrive in Perth feeling somewhat shabby. Meet up with family. Join queue for rental car. Wait. Get rental car. Get siblings and attached others.

Very sub-par feelings. Doze in passenger seat while Susie drove the 280km to the Margaret River. Brilliant job Suse. Brilliant.

Some food, some drink, lots of resting. See, no time for a photo. Really.

This picture? Margaret river Saturday markets. Not sure if it was organic or not, but very fresh for sure. So obvious to just write the prices on the actual produce. Fun fun fun.



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