Project33, Night Light

3 04 2011

Sunday. Day of Rest. Of sleepings. Of bacon and coffee, croissants and newspapers. Yurgh. No.

Daylight saving, waking up, wide awake I mean, at the new 6.30 isn’t ideal. Feeling like crap with a stuffed throat is even worse. Still, at least it IS sunday, and a Sunday with no plans. Stay warm, drink lots of fluids blah blah blah, the usual drill.

Not fair. I was even trying hard this season and had my Flu shot on friday. I’m not supposed to get sick from that. Mildly achey perhaps, sick, no. In this case I think I can rightly blame Susie, who’s been fighting off what I’ve come down with for a few days now. Fingers crossed its a quick passing bug.

So, today. Picture. Almost forgot but not quite. Daylight saving gave me an extra hour of darkness this evening, so what better way than to try and picture that. What happens in a city during darkess? Light. Thats what. Specifically street lights. So here we go. Arty or whatever, its the streetlight right in front of our house. Luckily the bedroom is in the middle of the house so we don’t get any light coming in (had that before, it gets old quickly). No no, not the moon, I couldn’t see that, and besides, have you ever tried to photograph the moon? its a real challenge involving hilariously big lenses and tripods and no light pollution. Besides, I didn’t see the moon tonight.

Night Light



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