Project33, Wall

28 03 2011

Wall a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Strange isn’t it. Today was one of those odd days. Didn’t sleep well last night so the day was a kind of daze. Busy and relatively productive, but I didn’t even give a thought to a photo for the day until the day was over.

And then, bang, walking to the ATM it hits. Inspiration that is, unlike the hitting that involved a mercedes and subaru 30 seconds earlier. I should have been quicker with the camera for that Mercedes and fence sandwich with poor old Forester filling.

What is this? Its a wall. Du’h. Well, its the NW facing wall of the Cat and Fiddle arcade, about 5.15pm, bright sunlight shining through a chain link fence (hence the shadows). This wall has seen a bit of action I believe as it was part of the old Myer which burnt down. Not sure exactly what caught my fancy, but the shapes and colours are part of it. Enjoy.



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