Project33, It’s Pudding Time

8 03 2011
It's Pudding Time

It’s Pudding Time a photo by BaboMike on Flickr.

Not too far to go today. While I made up for yesterdays sickness with a beautiful sunset, today we get Pudding. Pudding? whats Pudding got to do with cats?

Well, there’s a story there. Pudding is our neighbours cat. Well one of their cats. He has a sister called Peach, who just happens to be less than half his size, and about a third of his weight. They love to visit us, usually every morning we have a visit from one or both.

It seems that about 2 years ago they belonged to some neighbours of ours here with young kids. Then when they moved, the 2 cats moved in with the lady who was living in our house. Then when she moved, the cats moved over the road to a nice young couple in the house opposite. I guess that explains why they like to visit us, they actually lived here for a while



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