Project33, Commencing

2 03 2011

I’ve decided to commence what I’m calling Project33. An attempt to create a photo a day for the entirety of my 33rd year.

Why? Something to try and challenge me photographically. I live in Hobart, one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited. Trying to create a new image each day, different and unique should pose quite a challenge. Not to say they will all be Hobart. A photo of something each and every day, taken that day (I’ll try not to cheat), of something interesting, new, creative, odd, fun or plain stupid.

To start off we have Time Warp Lane. This is a short lane in the heart of the CBD (between Myer and Lush for those playing at home) that has this unique graffiti swirl. Usually there is a parked car or van obscuring it, but today, day 1, I was lucky.

Time Warp

You can follow along here, or on Flickr. Please please comment. 364 to go 🙂



One response

2 03 2011

I like the idea,and maybe if they are any good a book could result!
I await “developments”

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