So much happening, long overdue, oops, sorry

21 07 2010

Its been so long. I’ve done so much. I’ve been so many places, seen so much, experienced oodles and had no time, internet connection or motivation to update my blog. Not good.

Put simply, last post was 17th April, its now 21st July. Thats quite a few months in which I’ve been very very busy. April was France, specifically a town called Morgat just next door to Mont St Michel. Since then, we drove across france to drop out car at Orly airport in Paris, spent a few days in Paris, 10 days in the UK staying with my Aunt and Uncle (thank you sooooo much) and more.

We booked an intrepid tour through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala covering most of June, travelled to Mexico city via Dublin and Madrid (Airport only for 7 hours) and spent 32 days seeing the best of Central America.

Arriving back in Australia on the 6th of July looking forward to a few days getting organized and reacquainted with the world, we ended up getting work starting on the 8th. Fantastic but very unexpectedly fast.

Fun fun fun.

Still, Can’t complain. Now all I need is a new computer (many $$$) and a pile of time to sort through, process and post some of the amazing pics I’ve got sitting on my hard disk.



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