3 weeks, 6 countries and counting

21 03 2010

So far so good. 6 countries, 3 weeks and only one rip off taxi driver.

6 countries? Korea, Germany, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and now Macedonia. And tomorrow brings Serbia.

To be truthful, Greece was only for a few hours while transiting from Bulgaria into macedonia. Thessalonika actually and it was 3 hours.

Bulgaria has been the real surprise. It’s fantastic. I think we spent close to 2 weeks there across 4 different places. Veliko Turnovo was beautiful, covered in fresh snow. Plovdiv was a strange biz of communist concrete and a beautiful old city. Sofia, the grey communist capital was surprisingly fun with some great places and Melnik, tiny though it may be, was my highlight of Bulgaria.

Now we are in Skopje, Macedonia. Really, don’t bother. It’s nice but there are nicer places in each direction. I’m sure macedonia is a stunning country, but Skopje isn’t. Dirty, crumbling infrastructure mixed in with new modernity. Give it a few years and it should be better, but a combination of history and earthquakes has left it without too many tourist highlights, at least things that you can’t find anywhere else.



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