Dreams of LA, mountains, ipods and corn chips.

1 03 2010

Now, I don’t usually dream but occasionally for some reason I have bizarre and vivid dreams. Even more occasionally I might remember them.

Last night we one such occasion.

Why, where, when, who, what. Who knows. Odd and disjointed now but it seemed to make perfect sense at the time, in the way of dreams.

I was on an economy class flight. Somewhere to LA. However the interior was organised into sorta lounge areas with a pile of seating gathered round an old tv/VCR combo. I was he only one in my area. My friend Jaye was in the next area over, a bit around the corner. Most of the way through the flight I worked out that the floor was a bed with pillows and a doona. I lay on the floor and rewound the tape and watched it again and again.

Next thing I recall we had landed in LA and left the airport for a break with a $5 food coupon in our pockets. After a few minutes I was on top of a hill looking down on a smoggy city in a bowl shaped valley. I had my camera so jumped down off the road to take pics of a odd dead bush. However somebody stood on it. Then a local family invited us into thei house built on the water next door. We went in (Susie was here now). We had a look around for a while. The house had a pier or jetty like bridge to somewhere with chickens and fish on it. And a shop further out to sea.

The families son was working on the bridge/pier and when i walked onto it I sank as my sandal (merrells brand Jesus sandal) was caught on it. My iPod touch got very wet. I took it to the bathroom and rinsed it in clean water but it started fizzing and disappeared leaving only a circuit Board and a clear plastic shell. I was very upset.

It was time to leave to get back to the airport to catch our cruise ship. We tried to leave but the family mother insisted on giving us food. Some kind of flat bread, long like Turkish bread but much stringier and thinner with some meaty stuff in the middle. However she had run out of flat bread and sent Susie to the store to buy corn chips with her voucher.

Then I awoke feeling very spaced out.

What does it all mean? Does my iPod die? Can corn chips turn into flat bread?

I’m very confused and groggy this morning.



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