New Years Skiing

16 02 2010

Wow, time flies. The countdown continues its counting down. 14 days left in Korea. Wow.

Anyhow, this past weekend was one of the most important holidays in Korea, Solnal. What is Solnal? Basically its the lunar new year holiday. The day all people get a year older, the day you give thanks to your ancestors, and the day you visit your families wherever they may be. Basically its the same as Chinese New Year, except not in China.

For us foreigners however, its a long weekend. No families to visit, no ancestors to thank, nobody giving us money. Booo.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week we had snow. Lots of snow. Maybe 50cm or so of it. It fell consistently for 3 days straight. Roads were chaos, our apartment parking was worse still. But the skiing. Oh the skiing. It was fantastic.

High1 resort has been struggling for a few weeks with lack of natural snow and rising daytime temps. What snow they had was icy and meh. But with this dumping, coupled with the holiday it was fantastic.

Zeus, the easy run

Usually this run is heaving with people. Snowboards faceplanting left, right and center. But today…. GLORIOUS EMPTINESS. Everyone was at home with their families. The buses full of tourists stayed at home, and there were more Americans there than Koreans.

Susie and Mike
Ski's at High1
Snow Trees
Snowed in Fence
Sporty Susie



One response

18 02 2010
Adam Skory

It’s been snowing for weeks here in Pittsburgh with well over 50cm on the ground right now… but with no free time and no ski resort down the road it’s just a pain in the ass! Your pictures here sure bring back a whole lot of fond memories. Make sure to live up what time you have left there!

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