End of an Era!

29 01 2010

Well, its done. No going back now, no matter what they say.

Contrary to popular belief that we would be here in Korea forever, all good things must come to an end. Yes, we have resigned. Not exactly an easy thing to do, but then again, when is resigning from a job you love ever easy?

When we arrived here in Korea, late August 2006, the intentions were to stay for 12 months then head back to Australia. 41 months later we are still here! Yeah, we like it here. We like the job, the people, the teachers we work with (both Korean and foreign) and especially the students. Other than the occasional meddling from the education office things have been great, especially once we got our apartment woes sorted (I should get around to posting those pics one day).

Of course, resigning is difficult if there is nobody to resign to. Unfortunately my superstar of a co-teacher was on vacation with her family, I hate interrupting that, especially for something like resigning. Still, emails are sent, letter printed and signed, phone calls made. Its official.


Whats next? Thats something we have to get organised and nailed down, pretty quick. Currently the plan is to travel for a while, starting in Istanbul and then heading West until we hit Ireland. How long depends on money and how long we can stretch it out for. Should be fun trying.

I think out of the whole Korean experience, its the kids I’m going to miss the most. They are the ones that put a smile on my face even if I’m feeling down, they always come up and do something crazy or stupid to make me laugh. Silly buggers that they are.

Sad. Sad and excited. But sad.



One response

31 01 2010

Well Mike, yes end of an era, but as they say, 1 door closes and another one opens, so look forward to the as yet unknown. AS parents we really admire you both for doing something really different, its never that easy, and you have really made it work for you both, so well done and get ready for the next big adventure.
Love Mum and Dad

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