Day of Dentists and Drivers Licences

16 12 2009

Not the best day of all time. Clearly not, however I can’t go into details.

For me, it was my third and (hopefully) final dentist visit within the last 10 days. Why did I go in the first place? A friend got her wisdom teeth out, and that kinda jolted me into going for a checkup.

Seems last year when I went in with a sore tooth, they addressed the sore tooth and only the sore tooth. Looks like he forgot to have a look around while given the chance. Oops. This time I made it clear I wanted a full checkup. Heading back to Australia in a few weeks for vacation and I don’t want to run the risk of needing a dentist in Australia ($$$$) or China (um, say what).

Different dentist this time round. This guy spoke perfect English. He gave me the full instant panoramic x-ray and found a few points of “interest”

$200 and 3 visits later I have a few fillings more and the least painful dentistry experience ever. Fingers crossed that what he did does the job. I don’t want to go back anytime soon.

Drivers licences. Australia vs Korea. Leaving the whole “Koreans can’t/won’t obey their own traffic laws” argument aside, it is interesting to contrast the 2 countries.

Australia. $151 for a 5 year full licence. Korea. $6 for a 10 year licence.

Australia. $45 for an international licence permit from NRMA. Korea. $7.

Australia. Thousands for insurance and registration. Korea. $70 per year tax and $340 for insurance.

Australia. $1.15ish per litre for petrol. Korea. $1.65ish per litre.

I’m going to have to unlearn my Korean driving when anywhere else on earth. Its just so, um, relaxed (and random) here.



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