Espressamente Daegu

15 11 2009

I live in Taebaek. Seoul is 3-4 hours away. Chuncheon, our provincial capital is about 3 hours away. Daegu, 3rd largest Korean city is about 3 hours away. Taebaek is the middle of nowhere.

Sometimes we need to get away and have our dose of western goodness. These days we are turning to Daegu more. Why? Its closer than Seoul, we can drive there, its like “mini Seoul” and it has Costco.

Major added bonus is this place.


Espressamente Illy, Daegu

We’ve been going to Daegu for a few years now, and about a year ago discovered Espressamente Illy. Think of one of the most modern and funkiest coffee shops anywhere in the world, then put it in downtown Daegu. Its an amazing place. I know Illy associate themselves with design and fashion and this place is no exception.

Espressamente Illy, Daegu

Delicious delicious coffee’s, amazing cakes, awesome sandwiches. Hard to beat (actually there is one place better, but its in Seoul).

Espressamente Illy, Daegu

Espressamente Illy, Daegu

We usually go for breakfast. Korean breakfasts are usually nothing flash. Rice, Kimchee and Soup. Other alternatives are opening up, Dunkin Donuts, Macdonalds etc, but they can’t compare with first rate food like this

Espressamente Illy, Daegu

Yes, its expensive, but so is every coffee shop in Korea. What you see above was W19,000 and worth every individual won. Its perfect coffee with the milk steamed to perfection, the sandwiches are freshly made, with (by Korean standards hard to find) fresh ingredients.


Espressamente Illy, Daegu



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16 10 2010

Hi, I just found your blog because of this post. I also love Illy coffee and regularly travel to Deagu to have this, although it is only 1 hour for me. However, I see that you say there is a place in Seoul that has good (better) coffee. I would be very interested in knowing where that is for when we visit Seoul.

It is so hard to get decent coffee in Korea it is great to find a few places that are worth traveling to when I need a coffee fix.


(A kiwi in rural Korea)

16 10 2010

Hey George,

Glad you also love the coffee. In seoul it’s a place near Jongno Sam-ga that we really like called “Caffe themselves”. It’s right next door to the “jump theatre”. We got to know one of the baristas quitenwell,nhe was the current Korean champion. Look them up and try their double espresso machiatto, it’s amazing.

Now you got me missing Korea, not that I can complain about the coffee here In Sydney.


19 10 2010

Thanks. I will try Caffe themselves next time I am in Seoul.

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