Ooops. Ouch. Risotto. Finger. Aaaaargh.

21 09 2009

Well, sometimes the best of intentions have odd consequences.

Here I was, minding my own business. Cooking a very very delicious lemon risotto to go with the salmon steaks and looks what happens.

Oops, ouch, finger

Yup. Thats the end of my index finger from my left hand. Luckily not my good mousing hand, but it is the f finger on a keyboard.

Damn that parmesan. Oops. Strangely, finger bits and parmesan are very similar in colour, and if the parmesan is old, texture. However, it could have been soooooo much worse. I was just cutting lemons before the parmesan. ouchies. Chilli’s would have been sheer exquisite agony I think.

That’ll learn me really good.



2 responses

22 09 2009

Ah Mike, did you do it to get out of cooking? Carry the bit with you and if someone annoys you, yes you can give them the finger!
Well done Masterchef.

22 09 2009

actually I put a band aid on it and kept on cooking 🙂 Couldn’t waste a risotto with a bit of finger in it. It was very delicious after all.

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