English Village a Gogo

9 09 2009

The unbelievable has happened. Its finished (almost at least). The English Village is finished (or should that be finishy?).

Before I went on vacation the decision had been made to change our newly refurbished computer room into an actual English room. Of course this all occurred after the datacenter style raised flooring and cabling all went it, but so be it.

From Hamtae English Village

They’ve spent a huge pile of cash, to redo the room for my exclusive use. We have all the new toys to play with, and not a single explanation of what the toys are or what they can do.

From Hamtae English Village

The idea is that the kids come to me for our English classes. No more me travelling around the school, into classrooms where the computer may or may not work, where kids spend half their time sleeping or ignoring me. Finally, POWER!!!!!!!!

From Hamtae English Village

As well as the classroom elements, we have an extensive library. Well, extensive compared to our previous English library of 1 book (actually I lie, its 2 books. They split the first Harry Potter into 2 volumes). They even gave me some sofa’s to sleep/study on.

From Hamtae English Village

Another wonderful thing they gave us are 3, just 3 computers for the kids to “search” with. Of course nothign in English, only Korean. Oh well. Could be worse.

From Hamtae English Village

Overall its been a success so far. The kids are excited to get out of their normal classrooms, and usually barrel in 10 mins before class begins. Luckily my office is next door so I can ignore them until class begins. Its also fantastic to finally be able to rely upon a computer being there, working, with sound etc. The number of times you think it’ll work and then it doesn’t are enough to drive me even more exotically crazy.

Next challenge. Keep it clean in working order when my cleaning crew consists of 3 very giggly 1st grade girls 🙂



One response

9 09 2009

looks like spaceship!
NIce to see such progress

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