Weekends, shopping and Obama?

3 09 2009

Finally, we have discovered that a long standing rumour is true. Yes, they are real. Really real.

For one of these


we managed to obtain the long rumoured, never before seen (at least by us), mythological


Yes indeedily, they are geniune Obama Socks. Now you’ve seen everything. Only in Korea could you possibly find a treasure such as these, and all for about $1 Australian too.

However thats not the full extent of the bounty. For the same W1000, we also obtained this


W50,000??? Wait, that can’t be right, $1 gives you $50?

Oops, I actually meant these


The amazing W50,000 pair of socks. Some of the most valuable socks ever to be seen in the back streets of Daegu.

On topic (barely), the new W50,000 notes are a godsend. Finally you can carry a reasonable amount of cash with you without needing a huge wallet stuffed with cash. Amazing when you consider that the W10,000 note was introduced in 1973 and so was the top valued not for over 25 years. It ended up being worth about US$10 or so.

It meant to buy even a old 2nd hand car required a huge handful of cash, like this (about W2,000,000)

Photo 44.jpg

Please note, that picture is old. My hair now in no way resembles what you see in that picture.

Apparently the lack of a larger valued note was to reduce corruption, making large cash bribes physically very large. Not that it seemed to stop it happening……



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