Long Time, No Post.

24 08 2009

Wow, its been a while. I’ve been busy. Yes really. Well, busy and vacation. Can’t be busy all the time can I 🙂

Well, we are back from Turkey and a great time was had. I’ve been slowly working on photo’s, lots more required but I’ll get there.

For now you can see the pics I’ve uploaded so far on my Flickr page. Mostly just group shots or pics of the people on our tour.

We arrived back into Taebaek late Sundey night last week. I’d already been told before we left that quarantine would be required. Yes, for leaving the country we got given a bonus week of paid quarantine time, just in case we picked up swine flu on our travels. Not that we went to Mexico or anything, not even like we went to a country with pigs (Turkey is mostly muslim so pork is completely out). Still, extra week it was. Who can say no to that?

Even more crazy, I was told to get a flu test from the hospital before turning up at work, just in case I really did have swine flu but didn’t know it yet.

Of course like all of these ideas, it was made with the best of intentions but little actual knowledge of the facts. We fronted up to the hospital for our tests, spent quite a while trying to get across to them what we were after, got examined by a doctor for about 30 seconds (all that happened was he took our temperature) and that was it. They can’t or won’t do the flu test for us because we are not symptomatic, and the test takes a few days to process (take swab in Taebaek, send to Seoul for processing, wait, wait, go back to hospital for results, get paper certifying we are flu free) before finally go back to school.

We did manage to get an official receipt from the hospital for our “consultation”, all of W1100 or about AU$1.10 which the schools treat as an official test result document. Crazy.

Bottom line? back at school teaching again after about 5 weeks. Its good to be back, but I think every single student is making a joke asking me if I have SI.

Even the VP told me, in English, to wash my hands all the time. Nice thought, but still no soap in the bathrooms.

Korea, Sparkling.



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