Incheon Airport, Last flight for the night

24 07 2009

Ah, at last. Its time to leave Korea, for now at least.

We are on the last flight of the day out of Incheon, bound for Istanbul on TK091. A 11.55pm departure with a wonderous 5.50am arrival in Istanbul. Yurgh.

Turkish Flight TK091, 11.55pm

Man is this place boring. For the so called “Hub of Asia” its terrible at night. Everything shuts here at 9pm, so no food other than a crappy snack bar (yay, W18,700 for 2 drinks, a sandwich, 2 donuts and a muffin). Even the duty free shops are mostly closed with a meagre selection available in whats left open. Really really disapointed in Incheon Airport.

Still, chance for a few odd pics in a ghostly terminal. Just messing around putting the camera down on the travelators etc.

Incheon Airport, Ghost Terminal

Incheon Airport, Ghostly travelator

But, at least all of this means that tomorrow morning, probably in about 12 hours we’ll be in Istanbul.



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