Taebaek Weather, its crazy

15 07 2009

I started the blog by talking about the drought in Taebaek. Well, its over. Has been officially over for a while but with the weather of the past few weeks, its truly over.

First the rain, its been pouring down. Not just light but amazingly heavy rain, lasting hours on end. Days at a time. Amazing stuff.

Just watching the weather roll in over the mountains is impressive. Here it had been raining all day, just stopped for 20 minutes or so and then as you can see the clouds rolled in over the mountains and it all started again.

Here comes the rain...

As a result everything is waterlogged. The small river beside school, normally just a light trickle is now a raging torrent. Pretty impressive and very noisy. As I was taking these pics the kids lost a basketball over the fence and into the water. Within a few seconds it was well downstream.

The full rivers of Taebaek

The full rivers of Taebaek

The full rivers of Taebaek

These were all long exposures taken with stacked filters, a ND400 and a CPL.



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