Day 3, Jodhpur, Forts and Mausoleums

24 06 2009

Picture this. You are asleep on a train (yeah, as if). Your bed is next to the door to the carriage, so every time the door opens you know about it.

Even better, every time you wake up expecting the train to actually move its stopped dead, waiting.

Just when you get to sleep, real nice deep sleep, the door bangs open and you hear “chai chai chai” in a loud nasal voice. Chai ? The hot sweet spiced tea that India is rightly so famous for. Perfect after a night of limited sleep.

Still, adventuring on. Our 8am arrival to Jodhpur turned into a 10am arrival, something perfectly normal and acceptable in this part of the world.

Upon arrival at our hotel, we had a quick breakfast and went out to explore in the “waiting” time we had until the next step of our tour began.

The hotel was right next door to an Army base. Walk out the door and you are confronted with :

Want to Join the Army?

Further up the road a great tractor that was used by locals for hauling vegetables. Many vehicles in India have chilly and lime hung from the front, in an attempt for good luck. They certainly need it seeing how crazy the driving is in India.

Good luck Truck

The first real stop in Jodhpur was the amazing Mehrangarh Fort, a 600 year old sandstone fort perched on top of a hill.

Meherengarh Fort

Imposing walls of Meherangarh Fort

Walking in through the gates was imposing, the walls rising like a vertical cliff up into the sky. Giant gates, twisty roads and vast walls make this a fort that would have been terrifying to attack, if you could get close enough.

Just inside the main gate was a small door up some handy steps.

The doorway to ?

Continuing thought the places was amazing. You could really appreciate the wonders of India. From the canons on the roof overlooking the town

Canon of Meherangarh Fort looking out over Jodhpur

to the guards having a break up against the ancient walls

Break Time

The squirrels were cute too, playing all over the walls and cannons.

Squirrel war?

After all to brief a visit to Meharangarh Fort, it was time to move on, just down the road in fact to the Jaswant Thanda. A memorial to popular local ruler Jaswant Singh II (1878-95), members of his family are also buried here.

Jaswant Thanda

Up close it was beautiful, made of white marble.

Jaswant Thanda

Jaswant Thanda

At a few places along the walk to the mausoleum, there were young kids playing instruments, then demanding money, the usual "hey mister, one dollar one dollar". Very cute, but also irritating.

Money please?

Within the mausoleum it was wonderfully cool. Definite elements similar to the Taj Mahal, and a nice taste of what is to come.

Inside Jaswant Thanda

Looking out one of the stone windows screens, down the main stairs

Jaswant Thanda, inside out



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