Sick, and bring back spring

28 04 2009

Well, what a few days. Been alternating between busy and sick 😦 Not exactly a great way to be.

To backup. Last week was Susie’s b’day. Tuesday to be precise. The plan was to buy her one of these, except in in 16Gb


For those of you who know Taebaek, you’ll understand that the logistics of this are a bit difficult. No iPods to be found. Surprisingly however I did find the accessories for them (headphones, premium in ear headphones, nike adapter) for sale in our local EMart, but no ipods themselves.

Adding difficulty to the mix was wanting to purchase one under Korea’s “Tax Free” duty free program. Basically buying from a store that is large enough to have the paperwork so I can get my tax refunded at the airport when we go to Japan next weekend. Hey, why pay tax 🙂

So, I had to settle for giving her an easily available iPod case (pink and silicon) that I bought online (thanks gmarket). This made it pretty obvious what the present was without having to physically get hold of one in Taebaek.

Were is all this leading? Well, on the weekend we ended up going to Daegu, basically for shopping. We left on the friday night after school, where I had only the beginnings of a sore throat. By the time we hit Daegu, it was getting worse, and by dinner time (9pm) it was painful.

Shopping the next day was fun, throat very not happy but not impossible. iPod was found and purchased (W329,000). Tax free paperwork processed (W21,000 refund, woo) and brief anger (same ipod in costco W308,900, so overall W100 cheaper). Back to Taebaek with throat (and everything else) getting slowly worse.

Sunday? Not much to tell. Went down to the hospital in the morning, got looked at, put on a drip for 30 mins and told that I didn’t have a severe “injection” (infection???). Rest of the day taken pretty easy.

Monday? Called in sick. Hard to do when speaking is difficult. And the rest of the day spent mostly dozing on the sofa. Watched the first half of Austin Powers, slept thru the rest.

I’m guessing its all related to the weather and the fact it can’t pick a season and settle with it. We seem to be alternating on a daily basis between winter (last night was -1 with snow), summer (up to 30 degrees a few days back) and just “meh” with 5-10 degrees and drizzle.

So today I’m at school, without much of a voice. Luckily exams are next week so my coteachers have volunteered to take my classes as revision/study. I think I’m allowed to go home, so might head back to the hospital. But problems problems problems. I’ve got W175,000 worth of deli meats arriving sometime today, which I don’t want sitting around unrefrigerated, slowly going off. AARgh, what to do. I’d shout in frustration if I could, but it would be a noise more akin to dragging shoes over carpet than a true shout.



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