Terararosa Coffee, Gangneung

13 04 2009

Located both in the heart of Gangneung and about 10 minutes out of town are the 2 locations for Terarosa coffee.

Downtown they are a coffeeshop and restaurant, delivering delicious coffee, tea and food. Outside of Gangneung they have their head office, coffee roasting plant and another larger restaurant with a bigger menu.

Terarosa Coffee, Gangneung

Did I mention that they also bake their own range of amazing breads? And a delicious breakfast, something that is strangely lacking in most of Korea.

Terarosa Coffee, Gangneung

Their coffee’s are so great both because they use amazing beans which they roast themselves, but also because their baristas (baristii??) know exactly what they are doing.

The following pics are a mix of both their locations.

Terarosa Coffee, Gangneung

Terarosa Coffee, Gangneung

Terarosa Coffee, Gangneung

Roasted coffee

Terarosa Coffee, Gangneung

And Green coffee

Terarosa Coffee, Gangneung

Even Coffee plants

Terarosa Coffee, Gangneung

And just to prove I was really there, here’s me, MST (Miss Susie Teacher) and MKT (Miss Kat Teacher).

Terarosa Coffee, Gangneung

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